After the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, the union will not be safe with a prime minister who has fun with nationalist fire

An infection that doesn’’ t appreciate countries or history can still spread out borders throughout the map like a rash. Various European nations’ ’ pandemic reactions brought back borders that were implied to be immersed for the reason for continental combination. That result was less noticable within the UK, however public health is a devolved matter, so lockdown has actually penetrated the tender line where England satisfies Scotland.

There is no Scottish strategy to quarantine visitors from England , however Nicola Sturgeon has actually declined to dismiss the concept totally. Believing on the topic in parliament recently, Boris Johnson provided the crass and false assertion that ““ there is no such thing as a border ” in between the 2 countries. The inane onslaught was used up by a handful of pro-independence activists over the weekend, who stood at the indication on the A1 inviting drivers to Scotland with a banner prompting the coronavirus-carrying English to keep away.

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