A variety of individuals were amazed to find out that Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian are dating or a minimum of seem dating.

Blac Chyna, Rob’s ex and infant mom, wasn’t shocked– however she raged.

We have actually now found out that Chyna’s huge battle with Alexis over the weekend was everything about Rob.

 Alexis Skyy Pic

TMZ reports that Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna’s physical conflict was everything about Rob Kardashian.

Apparently, the “scolding” was something that Chyna had actually wished to provide for a very long time.

Sources in both ladies’s camps state that Chyna welcomed Alexis to speak at the celebration in order to challenge her.

Chyna supposedly felt and still feels that Alexis’ interactions with Rob, Chyna’s child daddy, are improper.

It is unfortunate that Alexis and Rob have actually understood each other given that 2016, when Rob was still with Chyna.

Even then, sources state, Chyna believed that Alexis was totally too close with her male.

 Blac Chyna Goes Blue

Chyna’s camp informs TMZ that Alexis didn’t inform the entire fact when she went on Instagram live.

Yes, Chyna supposedly tossed her beverage, however she was obviously not the one who began it.

When she raised the past, this is when Alexis supposedly “went wild.”

Only then, the tabloid reports, did Chyna toss her beverage.

All of Alexis’ discuss a “smackdown,” it is stated, just launched after Alexis’ male good friend appeared, after she had actually been booted from the celebration.

 Alexis Skyy in Denim

TMZ notes that Chyna’s ire and even the conflict do not appear to have actually harshed anyone’s state of mind– or thirst.

Whatever is going on in between Alexis and Rob seems warming up.

Rob has actually been singing Alexis’ applauds as his “WCW.”

( If you’re not huge on social networks, WCW indicates Women Crush Wednesday, so you ‘d tweet a photo of Rihanna or whomever on Wednesday to reveal your thirst)

Maybe Alexis was flirty with Rob in 2016, however nowadays, it appears like it’s magnified and, considerably, it’s shared.

 Blac Chyna in a Red Wig and Little Else

As you might remember, the occurrence in between Alexis and Chyna decreased on Saturday.

At initially, we had just Alexis’ description of what occurred.

.Celebration Chyna invited Alexis over to join her at a table, #ppppp>The two 2 at a party.

Alexis then stated that Chyna tossed her beverage at her and required that she leave the celebration.

On Instagram Live, Alexis informed her fans and fans this, and revealed that she prepared to strike back with a “smackdown.”


So, what is the handle Alexis and Rob?

There are those who may cynically recommend that Alexis saw how Chyna was residing in 2016 and chose then and there that she wished to update.

If you think that Alexis is simply after a much better way of life or a piece of that Kardashian popularity, then you see her as utilizing him.

We would state that it’s constantly possible, however that Alexis might simply be really charmed with Rob.

Rob’s point of view is simple to see if you’ve ever seen a picture of Alexis. She’s glamorous.

Wherever this is headed, we simply hope that things do not wind up for them like they did in between Rob and Chyna.

 Blac Chyna Lipgloss Be Poppin'

At initially, when Rob got with Chyna, it appeared like a good idea.

He began appearing in public more and even on video camera, and shared that he was dealing with his health.

Unfortunately and really notoriously, his relationship with Chyna exploded.

It ended with suits, vengeance pornography, and claims of attack.

The only really advantage to come from that ordeal was their infant, Dream Kardashian.

She is lovable and valuable and the world is a much better location with her in it.

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