Not everybody from My 600-lb Life gets a gladly ever after.

POUND Bonner passed away of obvious suicide . Others have actually jeopardized physical health– or battle with their psychological health.

Brittani Fulfer has a far more favorable life upgrade and is showing off some severe weight reduction. Have a look:

 Brittani Fulfer prior to image 01

It was just a couple of years ago that Brittani Fuller had a hard time to even move due to the fact that of her weight.

Even years later on, as you’ll see in pictures listed below, she was still obese, and had a great deal of excess skin after losing almost 300 pounds.

Now, nevertheless, she is revealing the world that she is a genuine weight-loss success story.

” Me on my birthday a couple weeks back,” she composed on Facebook, sharing a sensational image.

Brittani is nearly indistinguishable.

 Brittani Fulfer, Weight Loss in 2018

She looks so excellent!

” Three years ago I weighed 600 pounds,” Brittani composes.

Her post continues: “Now I am more powerful, healthier, and more alive than I believed was ever possible!”

” Am I skinny?” she asks herself. “Nope!”

” Am I alright with that?” Brittani asks, answering: “Yep!”

That is a very healthy frame of mind.

 Brittani Fulfer prior to picture 02

” My objective is to be healthy,” Brittani describes. “Not slim!”

We hope that we do not need to discuss that there are little individuals who are big and unhealthy individuals who are doing simply great.

Brittani recommends her fans: “Remember to like yourself today!”

Brittani then wants her fans well, composing: “Be blessed!”

As you might remember, Brittani dropped her weight by 230 pounds on her episode of My 600-lb Life.

In her follow-up episode, she lost another 103 pounds, and had 27 pounds of fat gotten rid of from her abdominal area.

 Brittani Fulfer prior to picture 03

As we discussed, you can see in these images that, even after losing a great deal of weight, she had a good deal of excess skin.

That is the ill joke of enormous weight-loss– your body may diminish, however your skin does not.

Brittani exposed on My 600-lb Life that her consuming was a coping system for the dreadful youth sexual assault that she made it through.

The abuse started when she was just 5 years of ages, and continued for another 6 years.

Like the majority of people who utilize food– or drugs, or self-harm– as a coping system, she was basically self-medicating herself with food.

Different individuals cope in various methods. We’re happy that she had the ability to conquer her weight problem.

 Brittani Fulfer prior to picture 04

In a current post, Brittani contemplated her weight reduction journey on My 600-lb Life.

” One of the concerns I get the most is would I do this entire experience over once again,” ” Brittani composed.

““ The response is … in less than a heart beat,” she exposed.

” I have actually ended up being a lot more the me I have actually constantly wished to be,” she stated. “I WILL ALWAYS be permanently grateful for this experience.”

” I think that absolutely nothing in life worth doing is simple,” she concluded. “It is effort every day.”

Good for her.

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