Longtime Republican Clint Eastwood is DONE with Donald Trump.

In a brand-new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Eastwood opened about how he now thinks previous New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is in fact the very best individual to end up being President in 2020 — — and not Trump, who Eastwood had formerly supported throughout the years .

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This isn’t rather as odd as the notorious empty chair speech the actor-director provided at the 2012 Republican National Convention in assistance of Mitt Romney, naturally, however Eastwood’s interview with the WSJ went off the rails quite rapidly all the exact same.

For one, he called out more youthful Americans for no clear factor, describing life now to be that of a “p ** sy” generation, and more (listed below):

““ We ’ re truly in a p ** sy generation. Everyone ’ s strolling on eggshells. We see individuals implicating individuals of being racist and all type of things. When I matured, those things weren’’ t called racist.”


Uhhh … OK? Thanks for letting us understand what you believe, old guy?

 Clint Eastwood” Get off my yard red carpet!” — — Clint Eastwood in this image, most likely./ (c) WENN.

He’s altered his tune on Trump, too, and now hopes that the President would be more respectful (and political correctness?!) rather of calling individuals names and tweeting odd messages.

Eastwood stated (listed below):

” [I want he would] act in a more cultured method, without tweeting and calling individuals names. I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level.”

Well then! We’re delighted someone like long time GOP fan Eastwood can now (lastly) acknowledge that Trump’s actions are egalitarian, crass, and frequently times absolutely debased. Likewise… … what took him so long ?! Where have you been, dude???

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And more than that, does not calling today’s world a “p ** sy generation” simply make Clint appear like an old male chewing out young kids to leave his yard (not to discuss the less-than-classy qualities of that expression itself?). Simply stating!!!

What’s paradoxical about that, too, is this isn’t even the very first time Clint has actually called out the “p ** sy generation,” either! He did the specific very same thing in an interview FOUR YEARS ago ! It seems like this is his go-to expression or something! Oooookay, then, Clint! You do you, friend……


What do U think of this interview and Eastwood’s viewpoints here, Perezcious readers ?! Is it welcome and good that he’s lastly breaking Trump?! Do you believe there’s anything to this Bloomberg assistance??

You can read his complete interview at the WSJ right HERE , if you’re interested. Sound OFF with all your viewpoints about the well-known filmmaker’s entire interview and more in the remarks (listed below)……

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