Donald Trump is a deeply dumb male.


Be mindful and attempt remaining in your home. Big parts of the Country are struggling with significant quantities of snow and near record setting cold. Remarkable how huge this system is. Wouldn ’¢  €  ™ t be bad to have a little of that excellent old made Global Warming today!

— ¢  €  ” Donald J. Trump( @realDonaldTrump) January 20, 2019 .

Trump isn’t the very first to blither such idiocy , and he won ’ t be the last . And while it’s often uncertain whether a few of those promoting this drivel really think it or simply hope that their fans and listeners will think it , there is no doubt that Trump thinks it. Since he is a deeply foolish male.


The finest action originated from real environment researcher Kate Marvel, and you’ll wish to bookmark this one, or screen get it, or otherwise protect it in whatever method you choose. Due to the fact that it’s the very best single action to this oft-repeated idiocy you’re most likely ever to see.

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From September

— Kate Marvel( @DrKateMarvel) January 20, 2019 .

But simply days later on Trump doubled down, naturally, this time with a perk Trump misspelling.Due To The Fact That Donald Trump is a deeply dumb male.

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