Things wear’’ t actually alter when it concerns safeguarding Democratic presidents. A minimum of not on NBC. Today saw Russia get into Ukraine simply over a month after Joe Biden okayed by stating a ““ small attack ” was no huge offer. In 2014, Russia attack Crimea and the not-yet-disgraced Matt Lauer scolded civilian Donald Trump for calling the President weak.On March 13, 2014, Trump appeared to promote the Miss USA pageant, however Lauer was upset by Trump’’ s review of Obama: ““ You’ve been crucial of the President and his handling of the circumstance with Ukraine and Crimea.” He continued, “ I believe you stated, I’m paraphrasing here, however essentially Putin was having fun with or dabbling Obama. That is sort of a typical refrain of yours … You constantly believe”that Obama isbeing weak. ” Lauer required, “ What would you have done in a different way than he performed in the days prior to Russian soldiers entered into Crimea? ” Concerning Russia, media outlets in 2012 buffooned then-Republican governmental prospect Mitt Romney for calling the nation ““ our top geopolitical enemy.” ” They cheered Obama for stating that ““ the 1980s are now contacting us to request their diplomacy back.”” For more examples from our FLASHBACK series, which we call the NewsBusters Time Machine, go here.Here is a records of the March 13, 2014 exchange. Click “broaden” to learn more..8:35 AM ET.( …).MATT LAUER: Speaking of Russia.DONALD TRUMP: Yes.LAUER: Okay, you’ve been important of the President and his handling of the scenario with Ukraine and Crimea. I believe you stated, I’m paraphrasing here, however essentially Putin was having fun with or dabbling Obama. That is type of a typical refrain of yours, I ought to discuss. You constantly believe that-.DONALD TRUMP: Well, and a great deal of other individuals.LAUER: But you constantly believe that Obama is being weak. What would you have done in a different way than he carried out in the days prior to Russian soldiers entered into Crimea?TRUMP: Well, first off, it needs to have never ever occurred.LAUER: But what would you have done instantly?TRUMP: No, no. It needs to have never ever taken place. That does not occur and it’s not a huge surprise if you’re the president. I suggest, it needs to have worked so that a thing like that does not occur.With all of that being stated, it’s their next door next-door neighbor, it’s like them coming and stopping us from doing something with Mexico. Okay, you understand? It’s their next door next-door neighbor.We need to certainly be strong. We must certainly do sanctions. And we need to reveal some strength. I suggest, Putin has actually consumed Obama’s lunch, for that reason our lunch, for an extended period of time. And I simply hope that Obama, who’s not looking too great, does not do something really dumb and really absurd to reveal his manhood. I simply hope that does not occur.TAMRON HALL: Okay, let’s discuss your political profession. All the reports swirling around whether you’re going to run for guv of New York. The statement, I believe, is at some point later on today, however certainly you’re here now. You broke the news about [the Miss USA Pageant being kept in] Baton Rouge. Why not inform us now if you prepare to run for guv?TRUMP: Well, I’m simply, I’m thinking of it, it’s low on my mind.HALL: But you’ve been believing about it for a while?TRUMP: No, no. The Republican leaders concerned see me. If you desire to understand the reality, they desire me to run so severely and I believe I ‘d win.HALL: Do you wish to run in your heart?TRUMP: I will have the ability to state soon, they need to combine the celebration. The Republican Party in New York is a mess. They have not won an election versus the Democrats in several years. And I stated, “If you combine the celebration, I would do it.” They are unable to merge the celebration. If they did-.HALL: But some individuals believe unifying methods you desire them to bless you as the only option.TRUMP: You desire the fact? That’s real.HALL: Okay.TRUMP: Okay? That’s definitely real. I would not wish to go through primaries and lose a great deal of cash, time, and effort. This is an election that can be won. New york city has a great deal of issues, including it has the greatest taxes of any location in the United States, and I believe it can be won.LAUER: Make your statement quickly. Erin, I’ll choose you if you wish to run, by the method.HALL: Yes, Erin.ERIN BRADY [MISS OUT ON USA]: Thank you. Perhaps that will remain in my future, who understands?LAUER: There you go.HALL: We see it. I like it.LAUER: Donald Trump, Miss USA Erin Brady, thanks to both of you. And once again, you can see the 2014 Miss USA competitors June 8th, 8/7 Central Time, right here on NBC.

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