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Earlier this year Netflix was hiring someone to watch Neftlix all day.
While to some, this might seem like the dream job, it is by no means the strangest job out there.
Bellow are 11 jobs that sound too weird to be true.

When you ask what someone does for a living, the likelihood of hearing a job related to marketing, finance, events, or technology is high. But perhaps if chance has it, you’ll meet someone with one of today’s wackiest, out-there jobs, such as pet detective, professional apologizer, or Fortnite tutor.

That’s right, thanks to the popularity of video game Fortnite, parents are willing to hire tutors for their children with the hope they’ll qualify for a college scholarship in esports. Meanwhile, Netflix is literally paying people to “Netflix and chill,” hiring them to binge-watch TV shows and movies. The wealthy 1% is also paying big bucks to interior designers who will decorate and furnish their private jets. Sounds nice, right?

Here are 11 out-there and wacky jobs.

Fortnite tutor
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Turns out your video game obsession could also make you good money. The highly popular game, Fortnite, which took the world by storm this past year, has become so widespread that parents are actually looking to hire Fortnite tutors for their children. With hopes that a Fortnite tutor will help their children up their gaming skills enough so to land them a college scholarship for esports, these gaming instructors are making up to $20 an hour by simply mentoring other aspiring gamers.

Pet food taster

Before feeding it to pets, companies like to test pet food on humans first. That’s why a pet food taster is actually a real thing. However, don’t underestimate the responsibilities of a pet food taster. If you’re hoping to go into the business of pet food, a background in science or nutrition will better your chances. In addition to taste-testing pet food (and usually spitting it out after), pet food testers also write up reports and seek nutritional improvements on lines of pet foods.

Pet detective
Warner Bros.

Move over Ace Ventura — pet detectives are not just in the movies. People are willing to pay big bucks to hire help finding their lost or stolen pets. If you’ve got a good eye for finding things and a soft spot for furry friends, becoming a pet detective could be the right move. There are a number of companies and entrepreneurs that offer pet detective services and some even get paid up to $1,000 a job.

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