How much should I invest? Should I invest at all in 2022? While we can’t magically come up with this number or answer for you, Dave (@thedatadeli) can come up with quick calculations to help you find your answer. This calculation is super simple and can be done in as little as a few minutes, helping you put the fear of investing to bed.

Many beginner investors struggle to understand how much to invest, especially when they have limited funds to do so. The most important question to ask yourself before you invest is, “will I have enough to feel safe while I invest?” If you don’t you may be frantically checking your stock portfolio, home price estimate, or cryptocurrency tracker every few hours. Unless you’re a day trader, you probably won’t want to do that.

So get out your pen and paper and be prepared to do some simple math—we’ll have your “investable assets” number ready so you can invest with confidence and kickstart your journey to wealth building!

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00:00 How Much Can You Invest in 2022?
01:29 Calculating Your Investable Assets
02:03 1. Liquid Assets
03:56 2. Cash Reserves
06:15 3. Investable Assets

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