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In this video, you will learn what cryptocurrency is and how to take advantage of it, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Cryptocurrency is here, and just might be the future, but it can be tough to understand. It’s a numbers game, and if you don’t have the correct fundamental understanding of how things work, then it can be really tough for anyone who wants to make money with cryptocurrency. That’s why I created this video where I share with you my best tips to get started with crypto, and then the best part, make money with crypto.

Watch this video and learn exactly what a cryptocurrency is, the difference between coins and tokens, and which cryptocurrencies are safe, and which cryptos are scams.

0:00 Introduction to Cryptocurrency!
1:10 Blockchain – What You Must Know!
2:59 Bitcoins Vs Tokens
3:35 Which tokens are a scam?
4:02 Coins and Tokens that are having massive runs!
4:20 Which Cryptos are safe and which are not.
5:21 Explaining Cryptocurrency Price & Value
9:43 But Which Cryptos Should I BUY as a beginner?
10:33 Conclusion

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