In nearly every health-related post I’ve composed here at LittleThings, there’s one house treatment technique that constantly appears: Drink sufficient water.

But what is sufficient water? The number of bottles of water a day should I consume? And is “sufficient” water really affordable? I chose to discover.

Staying hydrated can assist with whatever from skin health to kidney stones, and it can assist you feel more energetic, awake, and alert throughout the day.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston swear by drinking bottles and bottles of water every day.

Plus, it’s not like I’m getting a surgery done or laser-removing all of my body hair. Consuming a couple of more bottles of water is most likely the most convenient thing I can do to look more like a superstar.

I’ve constantly understood that drinking water benefits you —– I utilized to be a competitive gymnast, and throughout that time I consumed a lot of water (that’s type of simply what you do when you’re exercising for 5 hours every day).

But now, if I’m provided an option of water or something else (soda, juice, and so on), I’ll most likely select the nonwater choice. I understand water is healthier, however let’s be genuine; it’s simply not as delicious.

In an effort to learn how affordable it is to consume the doctor-recommended quantity of water (that I advise to our readers so frequently), I chose to eliminate all other beverages and beverage just water for a week.

Here’s what occurred.

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