You would believe after the mess Sen. Dianne Feinstein made from the Kavanaugh hearings the LAST thing she would publish on Twitter is a letter from her requiring another hearing ……


But then once again, she’s a Democrat so, yeah.

Here we are.

Read my letter requiring a hearing on the deaths of 2 kids in Border Patrol custody this month. We should understand more about the care and treatment of these kids.

—– Sen Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein) December 27, 2018

We’re uncertain there is anything grosser than utilizing kids who passed to press a program however thinking about the narrative these individuals have around abortion this isn’t unexpected. Fine, DiFi, have a hearing and after that pretend to be stunned that crossing into a nation unlawfully threatens for grownups, not to mention kids.

Or they might simply impose and construct the wall border security … … insane talk, we understand.

Others on Twitter were less than satisfied with her letter too:

Great, do u believe we could contribute to the program how you kept details on the Kav allegations then tactically dripped it to hinder his election? NO reliability whatsoever! Partisan rubbish as constantly like a damaged record.

—– Mark Travers (@TaureanTraining) December 27, 2018

It’s like Mark KNOWS her.


This has actually been taking place for several years. I’’ m truthfully curious, did you compose letters under previous administrations? Kids passed away prior to the Trump administration. I didn’’ t understand.Did you?


— Jen (@skyjtabby) December 28, 2018

It’s okay when they do it … … or something.

7 migrants that passed away in United States Custody under Obama (2012-15) due to substandard care:

Manuel Cota-DomingoRaul Ernesto MoralesSantiago Sierra SanchezPeter George Carlysle RockwellLelis RodriguezMarjorie Annmarie BellTiombe Kimana Carlos

Where are their names?

—– Christina Clifton (@ChristinaClift7) December 28, 2018

But Truuuuuump.

Retire old woman.

—– Fletch (@treadedupon) December 28, 2018

All. Day. This. ^

No, you disingenuous phony.

—– Red Dirt Ready (@SwTkthe1) December 27, 2018

This too.

Where’’ s the letter relating to a policeman, among your constituents, who was eliminated in cold blood by a prohibited alien?

—– Rob (@piratedwight) December 28, 2018


You belong to the issue. Profession political leader.

—– Ruth (@LoveTara) December 28, 2018

Term limitations anybody?

You’’ ve remained in the United States Senate for 26 years. Our borders are permeable. Are you part of the issue or part of the service?

—– Tom Harman (@tomharman_clu) December 27, 2018

Problem. Duh.

When we getting a hearing on an individual chauffeur

—– indoctrinathan (@indoctrinathan) December 28, 2018


Why not focusing on the people eliminated by illegals? Simply occur once again, a police. I concur, let'' s make the moms and dads of this kids accountable for positioning them in damage'' s method.

—– Diana Lynn (@anaid72) December 28, 2018

The timing might have been much better on this, DiFi, simply sayin’.

Yeah, their moms and dads required them on a 2000 mile journey without appropriate materials, wishing to go into the United States unlawfully. When they got apprehended, the finest care they got was. Terribly, it was currently far too late and their health was lost. Develop the wall, force individuals to immigrate lawfully!

—– Dustin Premer (@DustinPremer) December 28, 2018

There, Dustin figured it out. No requirement for a pricey hearing, Dianne.

But she understood that.


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