MIR4 is exploding on Steam in spite of primarily unfavorable evaluations, most likely since of cryptocurrency

MIR4 introduced on Steam and mobile phones recently, and its peak concurrent gamer count has actually been increasing significantly every day given that. It’s on speed to break into Steam’s leading 50 quickly, and this success is coming in spite of the ‘primarily unfavorable’ evaluations published for the video game on Valve’s platform. I’m quite sure cryptocurrency is the reason.

First, a little background. MIR4 is the follow up to a decades-old series of MMORPGs established by South Korean studio WeMade. The Legend of Mir 3 closed down almost a years earlier, and MIR4 is, as the number suggests, the next entry in the series – though you will not see much referral to the older video games in a lot of English-language corners of the web.

At very first glimpse, MIR4 appears like a great deal of free-to-play MMOs, with a load of microtransactions, an unclear take on Asian folklore, and female characters dressed up in far skimpier clothing than their male equivalents.

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