One of the greatest concerns for people who want to remove a tattoo using laser technology is whether they can get another tattoo on the spot. It is important to get as much tattoo removal info as possible so that you can make the right decision. Most people are not aware of a cover-up tattoo. The Finery reviews, you may get info on various options you have to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Always seek professional help from experts in tattoo removal. This way, you will never regret.

After laser removal process which may take up to twelve sessions, you should allow your skin to heal first before re-tattooing. At the finery, they recommend at least six weeks after successful tattoo removal before you can get another tattoo. Provided the skin has healed, and there is little or no trace of the previous tattoo, you may get another one done on the spot. If tattoo removal is done by an expert, chances of scarring are minimal n Still, you may tattoo over scars through the final tattoo may look a bit dull. There are a few tattoo experts who know the best way to work on a scarred tissue. It may be more painful but most people do not mind the pain provided they get the expected results.