Three medical professionals in Russia have actually fallen out of windows in current days not long after they supposedly grumbled about problems connected to the coronavirus.

The most current event, which occurred over the weekend in Russia’’ s western Voronezh area, saw 37-year-old Alexander Shulepov hospitalized after falling from a second-story window.

Dr Alexander Shulepov fell out a medical facility window &&remains in vital condition after grumbling in a video he was required to work while ill with #COVID 19 . He’s the 3rd Russian physician to fall out a window in the previous 10 days

—– Alec Luhn (@ASLuhn) May 3, 2020

In a video on social networks 10 days prior, the physician objected needing to still work even after checking favorable for the coronavirus.

Shulepov stays in vital condition with a fractured skull and has actually been positioned in extensive care.

The physician, according to regional media reports , appeared in the video together with paramedic Alexander Kosyakin, who had likewise just recently grumbled about a scarcity of medical materials.

Kosyakin got a caution from authorities not long after that he might deal with charges for ““ sharing incorrect details.””


Shulepov, prior to falling out of a window, later on withdrawed his declarations about needing to work while COVID-19 favorable. The unexpected turnaround led lots of regional to think that he was purchased to do so.

Despite Shulepov’’ s major injury, he seems much better off than 2 other physicians who likewise just recently fell out of windows.

Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, the 47-year-old chief doctor at a war veterans healthcare facility in Siberia, fell from a fifth-story window on April 25 and passed away from her injuries.

Doctor who fell out of a 5th flooring workplace window passes away in Krasnoyarsk. 47yo mom of 2 Yelena Nepomnyashchaya was defending life in the extensive care ward for the recently prior to diing on 1 May. Among her relative stated the terrible mishap was not a suicide

—– The Siberian Times (@siberian_times) May 2, 2020

Krasnoyarsk had supposedly grumbled previously that exact same day about individual protective devices (PPE) lacks and had actually pressed back on strategies to turn an area of her health center into a coronavirus ward.

Just one day previously on April 24, a 48-year-old doctor called Natalya Lebedeva passed away after suffering an ““ mishap ” beyond Moscow.


Meanwhile in #Russia : The head of the ambulance service, Natalya Lebedeva, “fell out of a window” of a Moscow’ healthcare facility, where she was being dealt with for #coronavirus .

—– Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) April 27, 2020

Lebedeva’’ s colleagues informed regional media outlets that she had actually fallen out of a window. The recommendation was made that her death might have been a suicide due to claims that Lebedeva had actually been informed that she accidentally spread out the coronavirus to numerous of her coworkers.

The deaths have actually resulted in prevalent speculation online about whether there is more to the story provided Russia’’ s historic treatment of critics, especially under the guideline of President Vladimir Putin.

““ People appear to keep falling and slipping around Trump ’ s friend Putin”, ” one account mentioned.

CLUMSY RUSSIAN DOCTORS: ““ A 3rd Russian medical professional has actually plunged from a health center window after grumbling about medics dealing with excruciating coronavirus pressures.” ” People appear to keep falling and slipping around Trump’’ s pal Putin.

—– The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) May 4, 2020

Kind of how the Russians roll. Putin doesn’’ t like you? You “ mistakenly ” fall out a window’. It ’ s a repeating issue.

—– Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) May 4, 2020

A 3rd Russian medical professional ‘‘ falls ’ from a window. Defenestration is a sign of Coronavirus.

—– Darth Putin (@DarthPutinKGB) May 4, 2020

At least someone pressed back on such the claims, nevertheless, identifying such ideas as conspiratorial.

““ No, spreading out conspiracy theory about Putin tossing everybody out of the window is bad journalism,” ” @leonidragozin argued. ““ Is anybody really thinking about examining the (rather perhaps ordinary) truth behind those deaths? Putin might even end up being guilty at some esoteric level.””


No, spreading out conspiracy theory about Putin tossing everybody out of the window is bad journalism. Is anybody really thinking about examining the (rather potentially ordinary) truth behind those deaths? Putin might even end up being guilty at some esoteric level.

.—– Leonid Ragozin (@leonidragozin) May 4, 2020

Regardless of the truths, some Russian physician might feel careful about slamming their federal government’’ s reaction in the coming weeks.


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