Black Swan by Anna Marija Bulka

Our world appears to get crazier day by day. We live significantly sped up lives. Our downtime appears to diminish by the 2nd. If I do not enjoy myself, I get bogged down in tunnel-vision, doggedly going after due date after due date without taking whenever out for myself or my enjoyed ones. Include Trump, Brexit, the coronavirus, intrusive social networks, and environment modification to the mix, and it gets darker still. Our democracies and even our personal privacy are up for grabs.

How can we hold on to any sense of inner peace in the middle of all this mayhem?

When the light appears to diminish to the smallest pinprick, I discover myself famished for charm to nurture my soul. Not the type of air-brushed glamour discovered in style publications, however the deep, inexpressible charm of the immanent world that we can just see if we open our souls and hearts.

Moments of charm can emerge in the darkest minutes of our lives. As soon as, over twenty years earlier, I was residing in Grafing, Germany –– a beautiful old market town on the far borders of Munich. As a hopeful young author having a hard time to get my very first book released, I got an especially dispiriting rejection letter one dark winter season afternoon. Feeling absolutely beat, I went out for a go out over the fields. I had actually simply reached the Urtelbach Brook, which streamed easily, without ice, though the surrounding meadows were white with snow. Golden was falling. And there, down the darkling stream, slid a pure black swan. This was a minute of heart-stopping appeal that raised me far above my problems and concerns. The minute came like a discovery of pure grace, emblazoning itself in my heart and mind, and totally eclipsing my memory of the rejection letter which drove me out into the winter season sunset.

Inspired by this, I established a practice of everyday strolls, despite the weather condition. Each walk ended up being a mission, an opening to those minutes of charm that get here like magnificent visitations. I think that these minutes of charm are screens of the living existence of grace in our lives. They cut through the fog of our ideas and pessimism.

The real significance of the word surprise is a extensive and unexpected understanding, a striking awareness, an advancement in how we view ourselves and our location on the planet. We can’t require surprises, however we can court them like an ardent enthusiast by heading out into nature or by experiencing dance, music, art, and motivating literature. Most significantly, we can look within by developing a routine meditative or devotional practice.

My black swan surprise taken place in the 1990s in the days prior to I was on the web. Quick forward to 2020 and we’re bombarded by digital media to the degree that we may invest more time involved the virtual world than engaging with the real-time world all around us.

Moments of charm can not grace our lives unless we focus. Conscious walking, meditation, and reflection are the supreme methods of focusing, of opening our soul to the inexpressible. You do not need to come from or think in any arranged faith. It’s sufficient to sit silently and listen to that deep inner guide calling you house. The voice of your soul. Let the inner light expose itself to you and brighten you from within. A devoted devotional practice eventually leads us to the magical. As Pico Iyer discusses in “The Art of Stillness,” mysticism assists us root ourselves in what runs out time. The location where we are much deeper and smarter than ourselves. Mysticism cuts through the sound of the world and reveals us what is genuine. Dualism liquifies.

How will you court charm today?

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