Shout out to Sia!

The amazing singer and performer went undercover in her own unique way, hiding in plain sight while buying groceries for people in a store in Palm Springs this week! And judging by people’s reactions on social media, the generosity was VERY well-received! This is so great!

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It all started late Wednesday night, when people started tweeting to the world about how much of a “beautiful soul” she had in paying for groceries for everyone! And as you can see (below), at least for a while, the singer went completely unnoticed as a celeb throughout the whole thing, considering she wasn’t dressed up in her usual garb and looked completely like any other normal person:

So @Sia paid for my groceries today thank you so much!! The heart and beautiful soul you have for paying for everyone!! I’m sorry for telling everyone once I realized who you were !! But this kindness must be acknowledged!!!

— Adri Buckles (@mexican_locaaa) November 28, 2019

Awww! So great!!! Such a wonderful idea to go do during the holiday season, too!

Other social media users revealed Sia’s generosity with more pictures and videos, too, including some who were floored by how she was just paying for everything for everyone:

That kind of generosity has got to be an incredibly powerful emotional experience. I have to assume that I’d get addicted and would end up poor again, but if I gotta go out, let it be like that.

— Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) November 28, 2019

An incredibly powerful emotional experience, indeed!

Another user shared how Sia told everyone in the store that she was “Cici,” a woman who had just won the lottery, and she was feeling generous and wanted to help others.

Clearly, the real Sia didn’t want any credit for this, and was hoping not to be noticed by fans along the way as she completed her generous act and had a little fun with it all night:

Sia told everyone in Wal-Mart her name was Cici and she won the lottery.

Then she paid for everyone’s groceries.

— Adam Schiff is a cop 🚨 (@notcapnamerica) November 28, 2019

So great! So emotional to see how stuff like this is affecting people, too!

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Another group of fans later shared their experience with Sia, too, calling her “an amazing human” for her generosity, as you can see (below):

So @Sia was at Walmart in Palm Springs paying everyone’s groceries for thanksgiving! That’s amazing! I legit been listening to her the past 3 days! She’s an amazing human!❤️

— WhoLeeOoh (@WhoLeeeeOh) November 28, 2019

According to @Mexican_Locaa @sia #sia was telling people her name was cici and that she won the lottery!!!! 😭😭😭 how humble is that of fucking siaaaaaaaa I’m dead 😵 my blessing to her!

— WhoLeeOoh (@WhoLeeeeOh) November 28, 2019

if you would like to see the picture dm me lmao, i don’t want to post it because my mother does not want me to so yeah haha

— elsie (@elsiehurtadoo) November 28, 2019

on our way to pay she goes “it’s your lucky day” my mother thought she was saying it because she was going to cash us out haha. good shit, she is super sweet, i hugged her, so that’s a plus !

— elsie (@elsiehurtadoo) November 28, 2019

That’s such a great picture! So many smiles to go around!!!

And more shoppers and fans noted other aspects of the story, including the fact that this isn’t the first time Sia has opened up her checkbook and showed this amazing generosity to random strangers all over the country:

She’s done this before. I just think it was her way of being generous. The “Cici” thing, although seeming a bit odd, was a way for her to pay for people’s shopping without being recognised as Sia- hence her clothing also ✌🏻

— Lukas Adams (@LukasArtSmarts) November 28, 2019

Awww! So great to know this is a semi-regular thing! Sia is really great for doing this!!!

Others looked back in amazement on their unknown (or unrealized) encounter with the celeb, clearly enjoying all that they received with Sia’s incredible generosity over the holiday:

Tell me why the lady buying everyone items at my Walmart was the singer @Sia . Totally didn’t know it was her. I kept thanking her cause she was buying customers baskets full of items. And she did not once ask for any recognition. Bless her heart 😍😍❤️

— Awwkwardddd (@awwkwardddd) November 28, 2019

I’m still trippin out on last night. I met Sia and she paid for my things. She’s the sweetest 🥺. God bless her!!

— Bella ✨ (@chuntirella) November 28, 2019

What an incredible night that must have been! Definitely a lot of very lucky — and very blessed — people in Palm Springs to be doing all this and receiving such goodness!

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Now, here’s hoping they pay it forward with their own unexpected generosity directed towards somebody else, ya know??

What do U think about all this inspiration and assistance from Sia, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your comments about the unbelievable generosity and kindness (below)…

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