There have actually been a great deal of dope superhero films to come out over the previous couple of years and it appears like Sony is all set to offer comics fans more motion pictures based upon their preferred characters. Sony has actually secured 2 dates in 2020 to launch 2 brand-new movies in the Spider-Man universe.

Sony-Marvel have a couple of jobs up their sleeves, however 2 of them will be launched in 2020. An untitled Marvel movie will be dropping on July 10th, 2020 with another untitled Sony-Marvel movie dropping a couple of months later October 2nd.

Sony-Marvel didn’t supply concrete information, however according to Variety , the movie dropping in July is probably going to by “Morbius” with Jared Leto. Morbius initially appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man” comics in 1971. The character was a researcher who was looking into a treatment for a blood illness however ends up acquiring vampire-like qualities after things go.

The other movie that appears to have actually landed a 2020 release date is the follow up to “Venom” starring Tom Hardy who will return as the character. Sony launched “Venom” last month. It didn’t get important appreciation, it did make $80M locally within its opening weekend. In late October, it was reported that the movie made $500M at the around the world ticket office.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on brand-new Marvel movies.

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