Soulja Boy’s been gradually dispensing brand-new music and introducing brand-new service endeavors. He still has a couple of side-hustles to bring in some additional dough. The rap artist established an account on Cameo, a platform that offers fans the chance to pay celebs for individualized messages for birthdays or other kinds of unique events. The rap artist was fooled into taping anti-Semitic propaganda and now, he’s released an apology for the video.

Soulja Boy was amongst the a number of stars, consisting of Andy Dick and Brett Fevre, that were deceived into tape-recording a puzzling anti-semitic message on Cameo. The rap artist recorded a video in assistance of the Goyim Defense League– an anti-Jewish group.

“Shoutout to Handsome Truth and Sway at GDL,” ” Soulja Boy stated in a since-deleted video, revealing love to the 2 leading members of the group, Buzzfeed reports . “GDL for life, bitch,” he included prior to plugging the group’s Soundcloud page.

After being alerted on the group, Soulja Boy said sorry to anybody he’s angered by means of The New York Times.

“I was deceived,” ” Soulja Boy stated. “I say sorry to anybody I upset. I believed it was simply a shoutout for a fan. I didn’’ t understand it had an unfavorable significance behind it.””

Cameo has actually because knocked GDL’s demands as “outright abuse” of their platform and a “gross misstatement of the skill’’ s political beliefs.”

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