Spotify opens waitlist for its hardware player Car Thing


Remember Car Thing , Spotify’s hardware gamer for automobiles that the business introduced in April, though just for choose users in the U.S.?

Well, on Thursday the business made it a little simpler for a larger variety of users to purchase the Car Thing . Now, all Spotify users in the U.S., both in the Free and Premium tiers, can register for the waitlist for the Car Thing –– though you’ll still require a Premium strategy to in fact utilize it.

Also, while the Car Thing was initially released as a complimentary gadget, it will now cost users $79.99.

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As for why you may wish to buy Car Thing, that’s a little more difficult to describe. Cars and truck Thing does not work without a mobile phone —– it depends on it (both iPhones and Androids work) for a web connection. It has voice control (state “Hey Spotify” to invoke it); it’s got a dial that lets you search, choose, and play music, in addition to 4 pre-programmed buttons on top of the gadget to get to your preferred tunes much faster; and it has a color touchscreen screen so you can see what’s playing.

It’s a bit like having an always-ready Spotify app in hardware kind, in your vehicle.

 The dial is quite cool.The dial is quite cool.Credit: spotify

Given that there’s very little Car Thing can do that the Spotify app on your phone can not, the most significant appeal is most likely having your phone totally free to do other things, and the included benefit of having predetermined buttons and the dial for accessing your music while driving.

You can sign up with the waitlist for Car Thing here .

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