Dean has an insane plan, and nobody is going to talk him out of it.

All of the theories about Dean’s alternative death were for naught.

He isn’t going to have a happy ending, and on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11, we learned that he basically has to commit suicide to save the world.

Nick on the Defensive - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11

Poor Dean Winchester can’t ever catch a break.

It’s annoying as hell that Dean’s life is nothing but misery. And now his death will be miserable as well. 

In fact, he’s not even going to have the pleasure of dying and drifting off into an eternal sleep because he’s going to live in all eternity with Michael.

In a box. In the middle of the ocean.

Oh, joy.

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There has to be another way, and while Sam will help his brother build the box of death, he will do whatever he can to find an alternative to Dean’s plan.

But if there were another option, Billie would have told him, right?

Maybe Billie is lying or thinks she can kill two birds with one stone. She can get rid of the pain-in-the-ass Dean Winchester and the equally aggravating Michael all in one fell swoop with a fake book.

Sam is Stunned  - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11

I’m not sure how those books actually work, but it seems suspicious that all those books would have the same ending except for one.

If there were only two possible endings, wouldn’t there only be two books instead of hundreds telling the same story?

It was heartbreaking watching Dean go on his farewell tour. It was worse when he left Sam with no intention of having him get involved in his final act.

Sam was hurt by that but understood why Dean chose to go that route. 

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But as much as Dean knew Sam would try to talk him out of it, he should also know how diligent Sam is in finding other solutions. Dean has to know that Sam isn’t going to sit silently by and do nothing.

Neither will Mary or Castiel or anyone else who loves and cares about Dean.

Winchester Surprise - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11

There may be no time, though. Michael is going to batter that door until he gets out, and it doesn’t seem that Dean will be able to hold on much longer thus his box plan.

Despite the previews for Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12, I still don’t believe this solution is Dean’s and the world’s only hope.

John Winchester returns on February 7 (two weeks!!), and it wouldn’t be surprising if he ends up taking Dean’s place. 

Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3: The Lubbock Lights

It would be disappointing because I was hoping for something much more epic for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s return to Supernatural, but not surprising.

He’s done it before, so why not do it again?

But that would be too simple, wouldn’t it?

Nick on the Prowl - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11

Still, we know Dean Winchester isn’t going to die. We might not see him for a while, but he’s not going to die.

He’ll be coming around for more of Mary’s Winchester Surprise soon enough.

Wouldn’t you love to know what’s in Mary’s Winchester Surprise? We know there’s a lot of cheese, but it would be awesome if there were such a recipe so we could all try it at home.

Nick made a surprise visit to Mary to talk to a demon who answers about why his family got killed.

He knew he was chosen by Lucifer after the fact, but learning that Lucifer had him in his sights all along was a shock.

But maybe not.

Donna Kicks Ass - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 11

Nick might have been a nice guy in his past married with kids life, but all his murderous rage had to be hunkered deep down somewhere, and it’s probably what attracted Lucifer to him in the first place.

We haven’t seen the last of Lucifer, and he’ll be reunited with his good friend Nick soon enough.

Nick isn’t going to be wasting away in prison very long, but I have to admit that Nick’s story is getting old.

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Let’s get on with his new ultimate destiny already!

I’m not quite sure (okay, I skimmed through some of the later seasons) why Mary had that storage room full of trophies, so maybe one of you can enlighten me.

I don’t get why she would save all that stuff and not destroy it when she had the chance. Saving a demon like Braxis doesn’t make much sense, though it did prove useful to move along Nick’s story.

Maybe there’s something else in Mary’s trophy stash that can help out Dean?

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Over to you!

What did you think of “Damaged Goods”? 

Was Billie telling the truth about the books? Will Sam find an alternative?

Will John Winchester take Dean’s place?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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