The housewives were in Tokyo, and if you thought they were going to get along swimmingly, you were sadly mistaken. 

Eva Marcille is still a relatively new addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s been very reserved with her arguments. 

Eva Marcille Hits Out

On Sunday night’s episode, however, Eva let rip on Marlo Hampton after realizing there was only one way to deal with her:

With a tense war of words. 

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The episode picked up in the immediate aftermath of last week’s big blowout between Nene Leakes and Tanya Sam. 

Eva wasted no time in telling the ladies they were going to the red light district for some karaoke fun. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

Kandi wondered whether she would be able to don her sneaker wedges for the evening, and Eva was not impressed. 

“I know you ain’t talking, Eva! Your Birkenstock-wearing ass,” Marlo yelled, prompting Eva to go on the offensive. 

“Girl, you got me all the way twisted. I’m on my motherf–king runway right now. Stop it,” the former model said, parading her $1,200 flats in front of Marlo’s face. 

“Now you just done got the plug on it. Now, chill out,” Marlo said under her breath. 

“Ain’t nobody got no plug!” Eva fired back. “She been doing this. I went from on the runway to off the runway every minute of 5’7″. Been doing it since 18, and I’m every minute of 33.”

Eva Marcille Promotes Real Housewives of Atlanta

She then shouted to Marlo that she’d “tried to sit on [her] yoga mat” but that she had finally been pushed too far. “Put your wig down and leave me alone!” Eva shouted. Marlo stood up to face her in a fight. 

Marlo then opted to complain that everything Eva wore on the runway was in her closet, and that’s when Eva decided it was time to say about her age. 

“Because you’re older than me, Marlo!”

Marlo then said that Eva could not fit in any of her runway clothes because she’s gained weight. 

“And you fit it in when? Never! January of never!” Eva fired back, adding:

Eva Marcille Photo

“The way your ass is set up, you could never model… You wanna work for plus size? Stop. I don’t know where you’re getting these plus-size fashions from.”

“Your mother,” Marlo said as the housewives acted like a mic had just been dropped. 

“Don’t do that,” Eva said as she walked over to Marlo. “Marlo, I am so sincere. Don’t do that.”

As the women continued to bicker, everyone else just watched with popcorn. 

“Go take your cigarette break!” Marlo shouted after Eva trashed her makeup.

“You can’t even breastfeed ’cause you too busy smoking a cigarette. Breastfeed. Breastfeed. Breastfeed. Can you breastfeed?”

Marlo Hampton

“Have a child!” Eva hurled.

“You so bitter, imma pray for you.” She continued, “What we gon’ do is leave my fashions alone,” but Marlo said back, “What you gon’ do is respect your elders! You a child!”

“I have two kids and a husband. What do you have?” Eva asked.

“You got two kids by two different men!” Marlo muttered.

“And you have what? You have nothing. You have what’s on your wrist and that ill-fitting wig you wearing. That’s about what we got, so sit it back,” Eva said at the end of the hour.

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