President Donald Trump on Tuesday triggered audible laughter on the flooring of the United Nations General Assembly as he tried to explain the remarkable achievements of his presidency.

” In less than 2 years, my administration has actually achieved more than practically any administration in the history of our nation,” Trump stated as the audience broke out in laughter. “So real.”

Acknowledging the surprising reaction, the president stated and smiled, “Didn’t anticipate that response, however that’s all right.” Lots of kept in mind that the minute, while short, completely distilled how world leaders see their United States equivalent.

Following the disturbance, Trump continued to press his signature America First program, turning down “globalism” while stressing exactly what he referred to as America’s sovereignty on the world phase. Restraining with his regular claims that NATO members are duping the United States, Trump likewise required nations increase their defense costs and contributions to the UN’s peacekeeping efforts.

” Few offer anything to us. That is why we are taking a tough take a look at United States foreign help,” Trump stated. “That will be directed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.”

” Moving forward, we are just going to provide foreign help to those who appreciate us and, honestly, our good friends,” he included. “We anticipate other nations to pay their reasonable share for the expense of their defense. The United States is devoted to making the United Nations more efficient—– and more responsible.”

In a plain contrast to his address in 2015, where he threatened to “ absolutely ruin North Korea ,” Trump on Tuesday applauded North Korean totalitarian Kim Jong-Un for his “guts” and supposed actions towards denuclearization. In 2015 in his address to the General Assembly, he memorably described Kim Jong-Un as “rocket guy.”

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The World Just Laughed in Trump'' s Face While He Bragged About His Administration

““ Didn ’ t anticipate that response, however that’’ s fine.”


Posted by Mother Jones on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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