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While 2020 was a prevalent and abrupt crisis, it supplied a driver to change standard technological practices. Japan has actually seen an increase in brand-new mindsets towards digital adoption, mentioning the impending modification for the future of human interaction and office efficiency.

We’’ ve produced a thorough list of leading innovation business, mainly standard Japanese business, based upon the following 4 requirements: capital worth, sales, earnings, and variety of staff members.

.1. Leading 10 Japanese Tech Companies by Market Capitalization (April 2021).Rank.Business.Income in Yen.Profits in USD.1. Softbank Group .¥ 20,649 B.$ 188.26 B.2. NTT DOCOMO .¥ 12,527 B.$ 114.18 B.3. NTT ¥ 11,055 B.$ 100.76 B.4. KDDI ¥ 7,986.2 B.$ 72.78 B.5. Softbank ¥ 6,790.5 B.$ 61.89 B.6. Z Holdings Corporation .¥ 4,335.1 B.$ 39.51 B.7. Nexon ¥ 3,237.8 B.$ 29.49 B.8. FUJI Media Holdings .¥ 2,371.6 B.$ 21.61 B.9. Nomura Research Institute .¥ 2,058.7 B.$ 19.05 B.10. OBIC Corporation .¥ 1,950.1 B.$ 18.05 B.

Source: Strainer


Little has actually altered from the last years with the leading 5 business regularly controlled by significant telecom business in Japan. We anticipate that they will continue to govern for several years to come. E-commerce (Z Holdings Corporation) and video gaming (Nexon) business follow the telecom giants. Significantly, there has actually been an increase in tech consultancies like Nomura Research Institute and OBIC Corporation in 2021.

Since our last post in 2018, Sony, Recruit, Nintendo, Canon, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi have actually moved from the leading 10. These brand names have actually needed to take on advancement development from brand-new tech business with the winners having the ability to bring continuous discovery and advancement to their partners and clients. Check out listed below to see how Z Holdings Corporation and Nexon beat their rivals.

In 2018, Nintendo captured the momentum of their Nintendo Switch release. With Sony and Microsoft launching the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X , respectively, anticipate Sony (and Microsoft) to increase to the top of Japanese tech in 2021.

In the video gaming market, COVID simply sped up the pattern that had actually been brewing over the previous years. Nexon continues to broaden its PC video games to mobile. And keep in mind, there are approximately 3 billion extremely game-playable workstations in individuals’’ s pockets worldwide. In 2020, MapleStory was up 151% in Korea and 171% in Japan – – a 24% development from a year back.

Z Holding got Yahoo Japan Capital and LINE Ventures to form Z Venture Capital .

.2. Leading 10 Japanese Tech Companies by Revenue (2021 ).Rank.Business.Profits in Yen.Earnings in USD.1. NTT ¥ 11, 800 B.$ 107.61 B.2. SoftBank Group .¥ 9,158 B.$ 83.52 B.3. KDDI ¥ 5, 042 B.$ 45.98 B.4. NTT Docomo .¥ 4, 770 B.$ 43.49 B.5. NTT Data .¥ 2,117 B.$ 19.31 B.6. Yahoo ¥ 897.2 B.$ 8.18 B.7. Otsuka Corporation .¥ 759.9 B.$ 6.93 B.8. FUJI Media Holdings .¥ 646.5 B.$ 5.90 B.9. T-GAIA ¥ 552.8 B.$ 5.04 B.10. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. .¥ 471.5 B.$ 4.30 B.

Source: Neri Marketing

.Notes on NTT.

At the end of September 2020, NTT group chose to make NTT Docomo an entirely owned subsidiary, purchasing out the shares it didn’’ t currently hold. The offer in between the 2, which would provide NTT Docomo strong sponsorship to participate in rate wars, might set off a lot more extreme competitors amongst the country’’ s significant cordless providers. NTT is the biggest domestic provider in regards to its variety of customers.

.Notes on Softbank.

On December 30th, 2020, SoftBank Group bailed out Katerra , a building start-up, with over $ 200 million USD. Softbank Group is the world’’ s biggest innovation financier. 2020 has actually been an excellent year for Softbank, after recuperating from WeWork’’ s IPO scandal

.Notes on NTT Data.

With remarkable lead to 2013 and 2019, NTT Data Corporation has actually continued to accomplish impressive earnings records. This is mostly due to effective service with monetary business and the effective development in acquisitions such as of Carlisle &&Gallagher Consulting Group in 2016, Sierra Systems Group Inc in November 2018, Cognosante Consulting LLC in April 2019, AWS partner Flux7 in December 2019 , and ServiceNow partner Acorio in 2020.

.3. Leading 10 Japanese Tech Companies by Profit (2021 ).Rank.Business.Income in Yen.Profits in USD.1. FUJISOFT ¥ 211.4 B.$ 1,924 M.2. Hitachi ¥ 180.2 B.$ 1,640 M.3. NTT Data Corporation .¥ 130.9 B.$ 1,191 M.4. NEC ¥ 123.9 B.$ 1,128 M.5. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. .¥ 84.50 B.$ 769 M.6. Otsuka Corporation .¥ 63.70 B.$ 580 M.7. OBIC Corporation .¥ 46.00 B.$ 419 M.8. TIS ¥ 46.00 B.$ 419 M.9. SCSK Corporation .¥ 43.00 B.$ 391 M.10. ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation .¥ 41.50 B.$ 378 M.

Source 業 界 動 向 サ ー チ. com

.Notes on Hitachi.

In the fall of 2020, Hitachi’’ s net revenue skyrocketed more than five-fold to $3.5 billion from the previous year . Operating revenue fell 28.9 percent to $2.936 billion, and on sales of $55.4 billion, down 5.8 percent. This is because of recuperating need for Hitachi elevators and automobile parts in China, the world’’ s second-largest economy. It is thinking about offering all or part of its stake in its subsidiary Hitachi Metals Ltd., however has yet to decide.

.Notes on NEC.

In financial 2020, NEC attained remarkable year-over-year gains in both profits and running revenues after a structural reform in 2019. The net revenue amounted to $ 926 million USD, its greatest level in 23 years due to the enhanced operating earnings and tax impacts from finishing treatments to formerly liquidated corporations.


The bulk of leading business noted on the ““ Top Revenue ” list are not noted on Profit. Significant business such as NTT and Softbank made 2020 headings as they made impressive acquisitions, reducing their revenue margins (see above).

Since 2014, FUJISOFT and Hitachi have actually gone beyond NTT Data Corporation in regards to earnings. This might be because of NTT Data’’ s acquisition in August 2020 of American business, Acorio , the world’’ s biggest pure-play servicenow consultancy.

.4. Leading 10 Japanese Tech Companies by the Size (2020 ).Rank.Business.Variety of Employees.1. Fujitsu 32,568.2. Hitachi 31,442.3. NEC 20,125.4. NTT Data Corporation .1,1515.5. FUJISOFT 7,840.6. SCSK Corporation .7,384.7. Otsuka Corporation .7,272.8. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. .6,353.9. TIS 5,680.10. Nihon Unisys, Ltd. .4,355.

Source : 業 界 動 向 サ ー チ. com

Since 2018, Hitachi has actually cut their work by 11%, primarily in Hitachi Metals, through “ voluntary redundancy ” and due to COVID. See above in Profits for Hitachi thinking about offering all or part of its stake in subsidiary Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric, when 3rd in 2018, now is no longer on the list. This might be due to the brand-new hire’s suicide scandal in 2019.

Hitachi, Fujitsu, NEC, and NTT Data Corporation have actually had constant work numbers, even through COVID.

.Insights on work in Japan.

Lifetime work (Shūū shin koyōō) has actually long been the foundation of Japanese business governance. New college graduates will use to a business instead of to a particular position and are anticipated to stick with the business up until retirement.

Today, nevertheless, business are altering their recruitment procedures by working with for specialized functions since of a scarcity in the labor force and a boost in worldwide competitors. The most recent OECD financial study recommends that life time work of workers in their 30s and 40s at big business has actually been up to 15% and 9.4%, respectively. 40% of the present labor force consists of part-time and agreement employees.

Current Japanese work laws are structured around standard Japanese work culture, making it tough to end workers. As an outcome, Japanese business will use voluntary retirement choices if and when they require to reorganize their services.

For example, in an effort to reorganize its business, Fujitsu, a Japanese international infotech devices and services business, revealed it prepared to move some 5,000 employees from its back-office areas to tech-related positions. After this statement, 2,850 employees willingly looked for retirement . Apparently, the majority of these retirement candidates were workers who were 45 or older.

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This short article was initially released in June 2014. We’’ ve upgraded it in 2016, 2018, and 2021 to provide you the most recent details and insights.

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