It didn’t take Rep. Rashida Tlaib long after she was officially sworn in to declare at a party that “We’re gonna impeach the motherf**ker!” And it didn’t take long for the spin machine to snap into action and excuse Tlaib; The Daily Beast’s Justin Miller explained that it’s a Detroit thing, like the official curse word of the city and its representatives.

The Washington Post thought it was worth hosting an opinion piece on just what was wrong with that word anyway:

Opinion: What’s so wrong with motherf—er?

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 4, 2019

Sorry, what word?

Then why aren’t you printing the entire word? #hypocrites

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) January 5, 2019

I think "—" is the first clue

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) January 6, 2019

I think the fact that you won't spell out the entire word gives us a slight hint.

— Marie Arf (@schwingcat) January 5, 2019

If you can't print the entire word then there has to be something wrong with it. Otherwise, you wouldn't care.

— Tim Marshall (@Smaug86) January 5, 2019

You have to censor the word…. so yeah

— JO (@BoxyBrown1224) January 5, 2019

But won’t print the word 🤔

— jacob (@JacobSMcAlpine) January 6, 2019

You’d print the whole word if it wasn’t so wrong #delusionalpeople

— Tusia K (@tusiak123) January 6, 2019

You literally censored it.

— Austin Dam (@AustinDam) January 5, 2019

What an amazing self-own. You wonder aloud "what's wrong" with a word you……won't print?

— Jeff Adams (@JeffAdams82) January 5, 2019

It is often hard to determine the hypocritical nature of an article before reading it but you managed to do it in 4 1/2 words.

— Bill Phillips (@bphi1908) January 5, 2019

What’s so wrong with spelling it?

— Will Shuck (@willshuck) January 5, 2019

The irony of this headline is just hilarious.

— Traveler 5472 (@Kirby_James89) January 6, 2019

Did you get the answer you were looking for in this thread?

— PissdOffPurpleSavagePandaBot (@ThePanda19720) January 5, 2019

Remember when you guys were offended when Dick Cheney dropped an F-bomb on the Senate floor?

— Jacob 57th Regiment (@CrewHopes) January 6, 2019

Considering that the media lost their minds when Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton got "shlonged" at one of their debates, I don't have much faith that the same rules apply to Democrats as Republicans.

— Hammerjack (@MarcGiller) January 5, 2019

You hypocritical idiots freaked out when Kanye West said it in the Oval Office! But I guess it’s acceptable in your eyes when someone inexplicably directs it at the President. Smh

— Robert Fullmer (@rgfullmer) January 6, 2019

Watching them fall over themselves to defend her is the perfect illustration to the absurdity they are unbiased. ☕

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) January 6, 2019


‘What’s wrong with you?’ NBC News’ spin on Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s profane impeachment rant sends heads CRASHING to desks

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) January 4, 2019

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