What if Trump loses but refuses to leave office? Here’s the worst-case scenario | Lawrence Douglas


The threat of an electoral disaster is generally rather little, however this November assures a mix of stress factors that might result in impressive failure and mayhem

While dealing with a book about the serene succession of power, I pertained to understand that developed into our system of governmental elections is a Chernobyl-like problem: positioned under the ideal conditions of tension, the system is susceptible to disastrous breakdown. The danger of such an electoral disaster generally is rather little, however this November guarantees –– in a way last seen in 1876 –– to provide a mix of tensions that might cause legendary failure.

The issue starts –– however does not end –– with President Trump, who, in his current interview with Chris Wallace, as soon as again advised the country that losing is not an alternative. He will decline any election that leads to his loss, declaring it to be rigged. Disconcerting as this might be, Trump alone can not crash the system. Rather, an uncommon constellation of forces –– the requirement to rely greatly on mail-in tallies due to the fact that of the Covid-19 pandemic; the political departments in the essential swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania; and a hyper-polarized Congress –– all interact to turn Trump’’ s defiance into a crisis of historical percentages.

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