A strong female character doesn'' t always need to be physically capable, however when we see a TELEVISION woman who can hold her own, it'' s hard not to get delighted.

There are numerous amazing female characters on TELEVISION nowadays, and whether they are providing closing declarations in a courtroom, or getting in fist battles with the men, they are all intense in their own methods.

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In a time where females are speaking out and going toe to toe with the guys in power, it is ending up being significantly appropriate to see these sorts of ladies depicted in the media.

There will never ever suffice examples of strong ladies on tv, however there are definitely more now than there have actually ever been. Here are 17 ladies of TELEVISION who would win a bar battle!

.1. Jessica Jones on Jessica Jones. Jessica jones on jessica jonesWe all understand that Jessica Jones would win in a bar battle since we have actually seen Jessica win numerous bar battles.2. Betty Cooper on Riverdale. Betty cooper on riverdaleBetty may appear demure and sweet, however all of us understand she has a dark side. When the cabaret wig goes on, be prepared. Dark Betty is out.3. Fallon Carrington on Dynasty. Fallon carrington on dynastyFallon comes off as womanly and advanced, and she is. She is likewise a brave young lady who will trim down anybody who stands in the method of what she desires.4. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina yang on greys anatomyEveryone understands that Cristina Yang is definitely brave. She is not scared of a bit of fight and would do definitely anything for her buddies.5. Bo on Lost Girl. Bo on lost ladyDon’t tinker a succubus. Particularly not one with a values made from steel. Bo has no perseverance for entitled, violent guys.6. Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. Arya plain on video game of thronesThere is no lack of badass females on HBO’s Game of Thrones, however it is Arya Stark who actually makes her mark. She is an actual assassin and an unstoppable force with a sword. Do not let her little size fool you. View Slideshow .

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