According to the traditions of United States, a rehearsal dinner is known as a pre-wedding ceremony usually held on the night before the wedding ceremony. The rehearsal dinner is mainly attended by immediate family members, friends and close acquaintances of the bride and groom who have traveled a great distance to attend the ceremony. One of the other important aspects of having a rehearsal dinner is to get a glimpse of what the wedding would look like and work out the details accordingly. As the planning of such evenings might turn out to be a bit hectic,

Here is a list of rehearsal dinner invitation samples that can get you started-

_(host’s name) would like to request the pleasure of your company at the Rehearsal dinner planned on (date) in honor of (name) and (name). The rehearsal will be held at the banquet hall in (location).

_You’ve got the real wedding invitation but now you are being honored with a rehearsal dinner invitation as well. Please come for dinner and drinks on (date) at (location) from (time).

_While the real deal is on (date) but we would like to have you for the rehearsal dinner on (date). Please join us for the sake of those soul mates because they are anxious as hell. The party is at (location, time).

_As the host of a wedding, you are just one panic attack away while arranging the invitations for rehearsal dinner. So please come down for the practice session on (date) from (time) at (Location).

_Love frees us from all the pain in this world and I don’t know anything about it because I am too busy arranging a fine rehearsal dinner. But we wish to see you on (date) for the rehearsal dinner at (location).

_The man who invented marriage had no idea that there would be a rehearsal dinner just a day before the wedding. Anyway, you’re invited to attend the dinner held at the (location) from (time).

_Just like the bride and groom can’t wait to be married, similarly I, the host of the wedding can’t wait for you to attend the rehearsal dinner. Join us for the warm up night on (date) at location from (time).

_Even if the world runs out of lovers, they’ll still have each other and nothing’s going to stop me, the host from organizing a perfect rehearsal dinner. Please make the night more perfect with your presence at (location).

_As you know that (name) and (name) are tying the knot on (date) but what you didn’t know that you have to come for the rehearsal dinner as well. So join us on (date) at (location) from (time).

_As the bride and groom are about to embark on the greatest adventure, we the parents will be busy planning the rehearsal dinner on (date). Please join us for drinks and warm ups at (Location) from (time).

_My daughter especially insisted on keeping the rehearsal dinner because she has OCD. For the sake of her condition, I urge you to come down on (date) and have a few shrimps and cocktails at the (Location). 

_The touch of love can make everyone a poet but that is not the case for me because I have to host the rehearsal dinner on (date) to which you’re invited to attend and practice. Join us at (location, time).

_They aren’t even going to remember their anniversaries 10 years from now, but they want me to remember the invitees for the rehearsal dinner. Now that I remember you, please come on (date) at (location) from (time).

_Weddings are fun but I wish I could say that about rehearsal dinner when you’re the one who’s organizing it. So please make the occasion a bit more fun with your presence at (location) from (time).

_As the best man and your host, I am responsible for organizing a kickass rehearsal dinner but it will be only possible when you are attending it. So see you soon on the day before at (location).

_All we need is love and the bride and her groom have plenty to spare for you on the occasion of their rehearsal dinner. Please come as they would be delighted by your presence for the dinner at (location).

_A successful marriage requires the union of two forgivers. Although, they won’t forgive you if by any chance, you miss their rehearsal dinner. So make sure you come by (time) at (location) on (date).

_Rehearsal dinner is just a couple of word until the loved ones of (bride) and (groom) comes for the dinner and gives it a meaning. Hence, we would love to see you the day before at (location) on (time).

_(Bride name) and (groom name) have fallen for each other without the effects of gravitation. I hope this joke is distracting enough for you to accept our rehearsal dinner invitation on (date, location, time).

_Who said only movies and TV shows have trailers because rehearsal dinner is a trailer of the wedding itself. We urge you to be a part of this trailer happening just an evening before at (location) from (time).

_Before (name) and (name) say those two magical and holy words called ‘I do’. I think we need to practice a thing or two. So the rehearsal is on (time) at (Location) and you’re officially invited.

_We can’t just play an important match without doing any practice session. In this case, marriage is the important match and rehearsal dinner is the practice session. You’re welcome to join us at (loc. & time).

_Wedding is the ultimate big day and just like any big day it also requires a serious run through. You are a family and we want you to be part of the rehearsal dinner on the day before at (location) from (time).

_Love frees us from all the weight and pain in life, while the occasion of rehearsal dinner teaches us all to behave. We request your presence for the rehearsal dinner honoring the bride and groom at (loc.).

_Don‘t worry, there will be drinks served at the rehearsal dinner as well but don’t go overboard with it because the wedding is on the next day. Please be there at (location) within (time).

_We have only one daughter so why shouldn’t we have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for the rehearsal dinner. Please come and enjoy the evening of ‘what would a wedding look like’ at (Location & time).

_The kids are getting married and the adults are busy arranging a rehearsal dinner for our close friends. Speaking of close friends, please come for the dinner at (location) from (time) with no excuses.

_Well, in order to make the wedding day the best day ever, we are going to need a rehearsal dinner in honor of bride and groom. You are cordially invited to attend the evening before the big day at (loc.)

_Once in a while, we have been to a rehearsal dinner and behaved accordingly the following night. I am not saying I am inviting you for that reason but please come for the rehearsal dinner at (loc & time).

_Rehearsal dinner alert! Mr. and Mrs. (full name) would like to cordially invite you and your family for dining, celebrating and giving you a glimpse of the big day. The event is at (location) from (time).

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