An artificial intelligence takeover seems to be but the stuff of sci-fi apocalypse movies, but some scientists consider its possibility. Find out what you can do to prepare as you read on!

Artificial Intelligence: Are We Prepared for Its Takeover?


The Rise of the Machine

The Rise of the Machine | Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

AI or artificial intelligence has been around for some time now, probably longer than many of us realize. In fact, there are many applications of this emerging technology that, sometimes, we even forget we are using it. From your computer to your mobile phone, your home, workplace, even the car you drive and the plane you ride, AI is everywhere.

Banks, hospitals, factories, music, news, right down to those little toys and video games, all these electronic devices use artificial intelligence. Indeed AI goes beyond those movies you see about machines coexisting with humans. The truth is there are benefits artificial intelligence offers to mankind, even though there are also risks.

One of the benefits of AI technology is that it can do very complex tasks, which translates to getting jobs done faster without us humans making mistakes. Some tasks are so difficult or complicated we can never achieve the results that a robot can. In some instances, AI makes impossible jobs doable. Jobs like studying the moon’s surface up close or working in fatal conditions like extreme heat or chemical exposure.

Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

Technology is Cool, But…

AI also makes our everyday lives easier. We now enjoy and even rely on the conveniences created by AI technology. At home, you have machines that do the chores. Your automatic washer and robotic vacuum cleaner. Your security system helps keep your family and home that much safer. We can all think of a hundred ways that automation has made life better for us.

Although we can say we humans are still smarter than these machines (well…most of them anyway), we can never deny the convenience of AI. But it’s also important to be aware of the risks.

Artificial Intelligence Take-over: Truth or Myth?

Though the idea of an Artificial Intelligence world domination may have a cartoonish status in our survivalist community, unfortunately, the concept is closer to the truth than you might think. I don’t need to point out the obvious: the signs are all around us. From the self-driving car developed by Google to 3d-printed bionic limbs and organs. And if Nobel-prize winner theoretician and physicist Stephen Hawking himself fears an impending machine attack, then the red button has been pressed as far as I am concerned.

If Stephen Hawking, the multi-awarded scientist considered the smartest physicist on the planet thinks seriously about this, so do I, and so should you. Unlike the case of a war or a hurricane, the problem with a war of the machines is it can happen overnight in just one instant, thwarting any chance of preparing whatsoever.

Tanto Knife | Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

What Exactly is an AI-attack?

The Terminator, the Lawnmower Man, and many other flicks, books, and cultural elements have long since proposed the idea of a world taken over by AI. If you look at sci-fi movies you can notice that ever since the 60s, the ideas imagined back then have more or less came true. This means that the human mind can anticipate how the world will evolve 50 to 100 years time in the future.

In a recent interview, Stephen Hawking talked about the new technology used to power his device that helps him communicate. The technology uses his previously used words to predict what he will say next, not unlike the similar technology on smartphones. It’s this very technology Mr. Hawking is concerned about, as it may very well surpass human intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence Threat

Problems arise when we become too dependent on artificial intelligence. If you work using a computer, you definitely know how annoying, frustrating and debilitating it can be when your laptop or desktop suddenly crashes or shuts down. The same is true when your phone starts malfunctioning when you are about to call, text or email someone. We need to be prepared for this situation and know how to get by without technology if we need to.

Robots and machines make work easier, but they also have the potential to take over our jobs. Because of their efficiency and their ability to make few or no mistakes, some industries or companies might switch to automation.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Artificial Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

Probably the biggest concern that artificial intelligence poses to us is some robots might be used by people with bad intentions. That they will be able to think by themselves is still debatable and such an event is probably in the distant future if it happens at all. In the wrong hands, however, we might be looking at the most horrifying event that can take place, which is the takeover of AI machines over human beings.

All that we preppers can do for now is prepare for that possibility. There are some ways to deal with the situation such as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) guns, an ultra-high voltage to burn their circuits or water to short them out. The least we can do is to stop scientists from creating AI that might turn against us.


Watch this video from Canadian Prepper for more insights into the artificial intelligence threat and how you can prepare for it:

Technology-wise, what was thought only a couple of decades or a century ago to be impossible took shape. We cannot look into the future, but we can always prepare for the worst. And survivalists and preppers are pretty good at that. Come hell or high water, you can count on a prepper to be all geared up for what’s to come. On artificial intelligence vs human awareness, we always count on the latter!

How do you think you would survive an artificial intelligence takeover? Let us know your thoughts about it and this article in the comments section below!

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Placard | Artificial Intelligence Takeover | How Likely It Is And How To Prepare

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