For gambling establishment video gaming news, 2018 was the year that continued offering. In between politics and scandals and an excellent variety of simply plain nuts, we were typically all at once amused and frightened as every day appeared to bring more circumstances that were difficult to picture, other than they were genuine.

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One of the most unforeseen gambling establishment newspaper article of the year included reports that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had actually asked President Donald Trump to construct a gambling establishment resort in the notoriously frivolity-free country. We’re still waiting on the other shoe to drop, our jaws currently did. (Image: Saul Loeb/Getty)

Here, we recall at 5 of those stories that were up until now out there, we will most likely always remember them.

.5. Toxin Pusher.

In May, at the slots-only Massachusetts Plainridge Park Casino, 23-year-old female janitor Alexandria Martel was implicated of attempting to toxin 2 of her colleagues .

After leaving the gambling establishment flooring and returning to the breakroom, monitoring video footage revealed Martel putting a percentage of cleansing fluid into 2 of her coworkers’ beverages. A 39-year-old male janitorial staffer and his 35-year-old female coworker both spit out their beverages, noting they “tasted like [they] had chemicals in [the beverages]”

The victims’ fast thinking in not consuming the beverages most likely conserved them both a possible medical facility stay. Martel pleaded innocent to attack and battery charges, and was launched on $500 bail. As frequently occurs with internal gambling establishment criminal offenses, no follow-up on her status has actually ever emerged.

.4. Strip Show.

Then in June, 24-year-old Terrence Roquemore of DeBerry, Texas — — who appeared to be under the impact of drugs — went into the Diamond Jacks riverboat gambling establishment in Bossier City, Louisiana sans a stitch of clothes. All captured on video camera, Roquemore declined to leave and began tossing chairs at security, in addition to some option language.


Police were called as the” no t-shirt, no shoes, no clothes” perp ran around the gambling establishment flooring. After a battle, officers had the ability to suppress the streaker, however he didn’t go silently.


Roquemore was later on charged with exacerbated battery, intensified attack on a law enforcement officer with a gun, battery of a law enforcement officer, withstanding an officer with force, disrupting the peace while intoxicated, and profanity.


A take a look at his Facebook page strengthened the idea that something was wrong with the implicated: 3 days prior to the Diamond Jacks occurrence, Roquemore revealed on a post that he was now president of the United States.

. 3. In a Pinch.

In February, a kitchen area employee at the Bellagio landed in hot water after being implicated of taking 25 lobster tails. Gambling establishment monitoring found 49-year-old Alex Hernandez packing the lobsters into a knapsack prior to leaving his shift.


The unlawful catch — according to Bellagio moms and dad business MGM Resorts — deserved$ 1,875 in retail dollars.Hernandez’s household pertained to his defense, — stating he was just attempting offer his household, and wasn’t going to” simply offer the lobsters to purchase drugs. “


The chef was charged with embezzlement and released on $5,000 bond. Hernandez ‘existing criminal and work status stay uncertain.

. 2. Bad Makeup.

The New York-New York gambling establishment on the Las Vegas Strip was the January setting for among the most strange of burglaries of the year. Authorities declare Cameron James Kennedy, 26, got in the video gaming place in blackface and robbed a cashier at gunpoint. He got away with practically$ 23,400.


I desire all your hundreds, and do not mess around,” Kennedy informed the female cashier. Cops collared Kennedy after he bought a$ 1,500 gold bracelet, made $1,800 worth of cash orders, and bought a$ 1,000 prepaid debit card.


The cashier informed cops she thought the foe was in fact Caucasian, as the blackface makeup was blotchy. Kennedyended up being under federal guidance for a bank break-in charge, and had actually handled to eliminate his GPS ankle display prior to the cage criminal offense.


He was charged with one count of disturbance with commerce by burglary. It’s unidentified if a trial date has actually been set, however he might be taking a look at as much as 20 years in the huge home, plus a quarter-million dollar fine.

. 1. North Korean Strip.

Probably the most unforeseen gambling establishment newspaper article of 2018 originated from someplace that nobody related to business video gaming at all: North Korea.


Ahead of the historical June top in Singapore in between North Korean despot Kim Jong Un with United States President Donald Trump , a number of news companies stated Kim has actually sent out an envoy to the White House a week prior to ask the previous gambling establishment owner whether the United States may be going to buy a gambling establishment resort advancement in North Korea.


Following the top, Trump appeared to really be thinking about the proposition, informing media:


” Think of it from a property viewpoint. You have South Korea, you haveChina, and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that? It ’ s terrific. ”

In a nation with an infamously bad human rights record — consisting of the hunger of a number of its own residents — Trump had this to state of the North Korean individuals:

” I believe I’ve assisted them. Things will alter … I believe — they are among the excellent winners today.”


No even more word has actually emerged on any motion towards a joint-nations gambling establishment task.


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