If you haven’t heard of ACIM yet, then it’s time you discovered them. ACIM is an acronym for ‘A Course in Miracles’, which is a spiritual ‘curriculum’ of sorts originally designed to help readers discover their true freedom, and peace of mind. ACIM began life with the 1976 book of the same name.

Since then, the concept has found great success and popularity, with many people following the teachings and finding themselves happier and healthier than ever.

This Moment Is Your Miracle by David Hoffmeister is one such book.

Who Are ACIM Books For?

These books are aimed at people who struggle with anxiety, fear, depression, and loneliness predominantly.

That said, these books are also for everyone. That’s because these are universal feelings that all of us experience at one time or another.

Not only that, but these are feelings that are growing in the digital age. Never before has there been a time where we are so stressed and so pressured – while also being so cut off from those around us.

And in fact, this is one of the core tenants of the book: the simple idea that we are not alone.

By following the lessons in these books, you can learn to cultivate more love, acceptance, and forgiveness, and cut through the mire to see the true, beautiful, reality that surrounds us.

The original workbook contained 365 lessons – one for every day of the year – to help students come to terms with this understanding.

What is the Miracle?

So, what is the titular ‘miracle’? That would be love.

Or more precisely, the awareness of love’s presence in life.

By not only recognizing this fact, but truly understanding and believing it, you can undergo a spiritual transformation that will help you to find peace.

The original text goes to great lengths to explain this philosophy, and details in depth the illusory nature of time, space, and even perception. The only reality is God – true and unchanging and extending only in love. That said, the book is not aimed solely at Christians, with some concepts holding ideas in common with other religions – such as Buddhist notions of karma.

Our perceptions of the world around us then are almost like dreams – dreams created by the human ego and which often are destructive.

This Moment Is Your Miracle

This Moment Is Your Miracle is a book from David Hoffmeister that beings these ideas and lessons to a new audience. With a gentle, clear, and highly engaging writing style, David explains complex ideas in a way that anyone can relate too.

Through the text, you’ll learn how to trust your ‘inner guidance’ and to accept the miracles that are all around you. It’s a cognitive shift that is utterly life changing.

Countless testimonials have thanks David for helping them to find greater peace and happiness in their lives. So, if you’re interested in these concepts, or you are looking for meaning and a little compassion, then this is a fantastic place to start.

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