The Guatemalan federal government has actually obstructed the head of an extensively highly regarded anti-corruption body from reentering the nation. The relocation today follows dubious accusations from Republican legislators about Russian impact over the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, or Cicig, and it has actually triggered an abnormally peaceful action from the United States federal government.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales’ ’ choice to obstruct Cigig director Iván Velásquez from going back to Guatemala is commonly viewed as an effort to block the commission’s probe into supposed misdeed by Morales and his household. Cicig has implicated of Morales of accepting about $1 million in prohibited project contributions and is attempting to remove him of his political resistance. Cicig and Guatemalan district attorneys have likewise pursued scams charges versus Morales’ ’ child and sibling. Morales, who increased to prominence as a comic, operated on the motto ““ Neither corrupt nor a burglar.””


Last Friday, Morales– flanked by members of the military and authorities—– stated he would not restore Cicig’’ s required after it ends in September 2019 and implicated the body of ““ sowing judicial horror in Guatemala.” ” Guatemalan military-grade trucks were identified outside Cigig’’ s workplace and the embassies of the United States and other nations soon prior to his speech.

Morales composed recently in a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres that Cicig will need to move its duties to Guatemalan state organizations. On Tuesday, the Guatemalan federal government revealed that it would avoid Velásquez from going back to the nation following a journey to the United States, calling Velásquez a risk to order and public security in Guatemala. Guterres stated in a declaration that he has actually asked Velásquez to continue running Cicig “up until there is more clearness on the circumstance.” He stated Cicig and Velásquez “play an essential function in the battle versus impunity in Guatemala.”

In June 2017, Vice President Mike Pence highlighted Cigig’s significance and “acknowledged President Morales’ ’ individual devotion” to combating corruption throughout a conference in between the 2 leaders, inning accordance with a White House news release . Morales’ ’ attacks on Cicig have actually not provoked much protest from the United States. After Morales revealed he would not restore Cicig’s required, the United States embassy in Guatemala called Cicig ““ a essential and efficient partner in battling impunity” ” and stated the United States will “ continue to support Guatemala’’ s battle versus corruption and” impunity. ” The declaration did not straight slam Morales, whom the Trump administration views as an ally in the drug war and a strong advocate of Israel. (In May, Guatemala was the very first country to follow the United States lead in moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.)

The United States did not sign up with a declaration launched by Canada and European countries on Wednesday that slammed the choice to obstruct Velásquez from going back to Guatemala. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Morales on Thursday and talked about the significance of dealing with Cicig, inning accordance with State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert. Pompeo likewise revealed “ongoing assistance” for a “reformed CICIG,” however it is uncertain what that suggests.

Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed the relocate to dissolve Cicig in a tweet:

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales’’ s choice to end CICIG’’ s mandate represents a severe blow to anti-corruption efforts in the hemisphere.

The United States Administration ought to condition support on CICIG’’ s continued operation.

—– Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) September 1, 2018

Cicig is extremely popular amongst Guatemalans and global anti-corruption supporters. As Mother Jones reported in May:

Cigig was developed in 2007 to assist Guatemalan district attorneys remove criminal companies that coopted federal government organizations after a 1996 peace offer ended 36 years of civil war. The commission has actually been viewed as an uncommon intense area in an area afflicted by endemic corruption and has actually generally had broad bipartisan assistance in Congress. The United States offers about half of Cicig’’ s financing. [The Washington Office on Latin America] concluded in a June 2015 report that Cicig has ““ accomplished transcendental outcomes” ” and suggested that Honduras and El Salvador think about producing comparable commissions.

But the body has actually come under analysis from Republican lawmakers in current months who argue that a Russian household living in Guatemala was unjustly targeted by Cicig for purchasing phony passports. In May, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) briefly obstructed United States financing for Cicig due to issues about Russian impact over the body. Latin America professionals stated there was no proof to support claims that Cicig is a Kremlin tool:

Jo-Marie Burt, a teacher of Latin American research studies at George Mason University and a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America, informed the Guardian, ““ Rubio altered policy after hearing one side … This is a traditional phony news situation.” ” Adriana Beltrán, a Guatemala specialist at WOLA, informs Mother Jones she’’ s seen no proof of collusion in between Russia and the commission. Eric Olson, the deputy director of the Wilson Center’’ s Latin American Program, is likewise hesitant. To please critics like Rubio, Cicig’’ s protectors would need to show that Russia did not corrupt the commission—– a job Olson compares with showing that the moon isn’’ t “ made from Swiss cheese.” ”


Rubio called Morales a” fantastic buddy” of the United States in February and called him” mi amigo” in a Spanish tweet on Thursday, the day prior to Morales revealed he was phasing out Cicig. Rubio ’ s workplace has actually not talked about Morales ’ current actions versus Cicig. Reps. Eliot Engel( D-N.Y.) and Albio Sires (D-N.J. ), who serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, stated in a declaration that Congress need to do whatever in its power to “ properly change United States help to the Guatemalan federal government ” if Morales doesn ’ t enable Velásquez back in. Engel” informed Mother Jones’in a declaration in May that the “ just winners from attacks on CICIG are the nation ’ s most corrupt. ” He included, “ We can not permit Russia to be utilized as a bogeyman to harm years of development in the battle versus corruption in Guatemala. ”


The Washington Office on Latin America kept in mind on Wednesday that the trucks found outside the Cicig workplace and embassies on Friday were contributed by the United States Defense Department to eliminate corruption and drug trafficking. Pompeo singled out those efforts on Saturday.

““ Our relationship with Guatemala is essential,” ” he composed on Twitter. ““ We significantly value Guatemala’s efforts in counternarcotics and security.” ” He did not discuss Morales or Cicig. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) called Pompeo’s tweet “strange,” stating in a declaration that it was “a bit like being informed that the court house is on fire and reacting that the stock exchange is up.”


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