Are we going from Haddonfield to Elm Street? Perhaps. Recently, Robert Englund cleaned off his hat and sweatshirt to play Freddy Krueger for a Halloween episode of The Goldbergs, to which he later on hinted he might have “one left in me .”

Well, every bad guy requires a hero, and naturally, star Heather Langenkamp , who played the very first heroine Nancy Thompson in Wes Craven’s 1984 initial, has actually likewise revealed interest in another sweat-inducing headache.

““ I ’ m sitting here like any other scream queen in Hollywood, hoping that they restore their franchise,” ” Langenkamp informs Entertainment Weekly . ““ I ’ m not alone! I understand of great deals of other scary heroines who have this bit of spring in their action thinking of the possibility of possibly remaining in [brand-new variations of] the motion pictures that they assisted make well-known as youths. It’’ s type of insane, however it ’ s absolutely something I would enjoy to do.”

” I sanctuary’’ t [heard anything about a brand-new movie],” ” she competes. “ I definitely stay up to date with good friends at New Line Cinema, therefore I would anticipate if Warner Bros. or New Line Cinema —– whoever —– would put something like that together, I would envision that I would understand. The reality that I put on’’ t understand leads me to think that it’’ s most likely not in the works.” ”


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Of course, it’s most likely a little too early for anybody at New Line or Warner Bros. to be making calls today, however one needs to picture conversations — — or maybe watercooler talks — — are taking place behind the scenes. With David Gordon Green’s Halloween squashing package workplace 2 weekends in a row, they ‘d be outrageous not to amuse rebooting the franchise.

However, a remake or a reboot is not a smart option. What’s constantly separated Elm Street from its scary peers is its dedication to having a direct story — — ahem, 1994’s New Nightmare is its own thing — — which has actually considering that made it among the more long-lasting franchises. Hell, even 2003’s Freddy Vs. Jason remained real to the initial story. And while the 2010 remake undoubtedly had some legs, especially with the addition of those snap dreams, it felt quite meaningless in the end.

Our idea? Secure Englund, get Langenkamp for a dreamworld function, and call up Lisa Wilcox, who might definitely make a damage as Alice once again. Get some brand-new kids and possibly even see if Dream Warriors scribe Frank Darabont may desire to choose up the mantel and take things forward — — at least behind the typewriter.

Sweet dreams.


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