If THIS doesn’t make Repubs vote NOTHING WILL! Take a gander at the most powerful scare tactic of 2018 YET


This editor discovered this tweet on her timeline and YIKES, this was far scarier than anything she saw throughout the accumulation to and consisting of Halloween.

.If you will, #ppppp> Terrifying.

The things of problems.

Most effective scare strategy of 2018. pic.twitter.com/4kZRDH57xs

—– Tony Katz (@tonykatz) November 1, 2018

If this tweet does not get Republicans to vote, absolutely nothing will.

Can you envision Speaker of your house Waters ?!


Oh man, u read my mind Tony. I saw that heading and borderline freaked.

—– Danno (@IndyVideoGuy) November 1, 2018


MAXINE READY FOR GAVEL! https://t.co/mmkjVprbvj

—– DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) November 1, 2018

From Bloomberg:

For months, bank stock watchers have actually alerted Representative Maxine Waters may require harder guidelines and hold severe hearings, target penalty-box bank Wells Fargo &&Co. and security-breaching Equifax Inc., and pursue President Donald Trump’’ s lending institutions, if she were to take control of your home Financial Services Committee.

We’re so afraid today.

That will be an unfortunate day for America.

—– jerZboyMediaUSA (@jerZboyUSA) November 1, 2018

TERRIFYING and unfortunate.


—– Blair ““ Not a Newt Anymore” ” McKee (@BlairDMckee) November 1, 2018


Maxine Waters: The brand-new face of the democrat celebration.

—– Michael E Flaherty (@meflaherty) November 1, 2018

Repubs need to vote!



He’’ s gon na BLOOOW! Rep. Eric Swalwell psychologically BREAKS over Trump’’ s prohibited immigrant advertisement and HOLY COW lol

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