This editor discovered this tweet on her timeline and YIKES, this was far scarier than anything she saw throughout the accumulation to and consisting of Halloween.

.If you will, #ppppp> Terrifying.

The things of problems.

Most effective scare strategy of 2018.

—– Tony Katz (@tonykatz) November 1, 2018

If this tweet does not get Republicans to vote, absolutely nothing will.

Can you envision Speaker of your house Waters ?!


Oh man, u read my mind Tony. I saw that heading and borderline freaked.

—– Danno (@IndyVideoGuy) November 1, 2018



—– DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) November 1, 2018

From Bloomberg:

For months, bank stock watchers have actually alerted Representative Maxine Waters may require harder guidelines and hold severe hearings, target penalty-box bank Wells Fargo &&Co. and security-breaching Equifax Inc., and pursue President Donald Trump’’ s lending institutions, if she were to take control of your home Financial Services Committee.

We’re so afraid today.

That will be an unfortunate day for America.

—– jerZboyMediaUSA (@jerZboyUSA) November 1, 2018

TERRIFYING and unfortunate.


—– Blair ““ Not a Newt Anymore” ” McKee (@BlairDMckee) November 1, 2018


Maxine Waters: The brand-new face of the democrat celebration.

—– Michael E Flaherty (@meflaherty) November 1, 2018

Repubs need to vote!



He’’ s gon na BLOOOW! Rep. Eric Swalwell psychologically BREAKS over Trump’’ s prohibited immigrant advertisement and HOLY COW lol

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