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In his crusade to prevent childhood obesity Jamie Oliver’s made a lot of enemies but none may be more dangerous than Kevin Hart.

That’s right Hart – who’s known in the UNILAD office as the deadliest man in Hollywood – has promised to not only put an end to Oliver’s healthy food quest but also the man himself by ‘killing him’.

Kevin made his murderous proclamation to kill the Naked Chef while promoting his upcoming movie Night School with co-star Tiffany Haddish and trying to come up with solutions to school kid’s problems.

Sarah, aged nine, wanted Hart and Haddish to use their celebrity connections to stop Jamie Oliver from taking away all the foods they enjoyed.

She wrote: 

This guy called Jamie Oliver keeps threatening to get rid of my favourite foods. Me and the gang are plotting on to get him ‘dealt with’. Could you please have a word with The Rock please Kevin, I think you’re a little too short.

The mere mention of The Rock clearly sent Kevin into a murderous rage because he immediately began saying how he was more dangerous than his Jumanji co-star.

Hart began by saying that calling on The Rock is stupid because he’s a much better fighter than Dwayne because he’s trained in Taekwondo, mixed martial arts and hand to hand combat.

Haddish decided to get things back on track at this point but Hart had clearly made up his mind, the only solution to this conundrum was murder most foul!

Here’s How the conversation went down:

Tiffany Haddish: Jamie Oliver. The guy he’s trying to get people to eat healthily and so she wants him to be dealt with because that’s her favourite foods.

Kevin Hart: Say no more.

TH: Alright well you know…

KH: I’m gonna kill him…

TH: Okay well I don’t think that’s, I don’t think that’s the… thing to do.

KH: That’s what she needs…

TH: No…

KH: That’s what she’s asking to be done…

TH: No. No. That’s not… n.

KH: These hands were made for lethal [laughs] lethal activity.

TH: No. No.

Hart: Say no more Sarah.

TH: Kevin. No we’re not gonna do that.

KH: Bye, bye Jamie.

We can only presume that Tiffany managed to convince Kevin not to brutally murder the widely beloved television chef once our interviewer had left the room.

That or the comedy star’s slowly plotting a murder so despicably complicated that not even Sherlock Holmes could solve it.

Anyway, murderous schemes aside, Night School stars Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker, a successful salesman whose life takes is ruined when he accidentally blows up his place of employment.

Faced with no other option Teddy is forced to head to night school to get his GED (kind of like American GCSEs).

Unfortunately, school is a lot harder than Teddy expected and he has to deal with a group of misfit students, his former high school nemesis and a feisty teacher, played by Tiffany Haddish, who doesn’t think he’s too bright.

Night School opens in UK cinemas on September 28.

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