Despite some fan speculation, audiences will not see Ashley Jacobs go back to Southern Charm next season.

Ashley verified that on social networks, declaring that it was her option.

Patricia Altschul isn’t letting that claim stand undisputed, and buffooned Ashley’s post. Did she go too far?

 Patricia Altschul on Instagram

” After a great deal of prayerful factor to consider,” Ashley revealed on Instagram. “I have actually chosen not to go back to Southern Charm next season.”

There was more to her statement, and we’ll get to that.

But today, let’s take a look at what among the ruling Southern Charm stars needs to state.

The outright legend that is Patricia Altschul saw Ashley’s statement and chose to parody it with a statement of her own.

” After prayerful factor to consider,” Patricia tweeted. “I’’ ve chose to decrease the Nobel Peace Prize and the swimwear cover of Sports Illustrated.”

 Patricia Altschul shades Ashley Jacobs in tweet

Patricia Altschul is a pleasure.

It is clear by the ramification of her tweet that, as far as she is worried, Ashley was never ever thought about for an invite to go back to the program.

That’s not so unexpected– Ashley was never ever a genuine cast member, and was just spent for her look at the reunion unique.

She was Thomas Ravenel’s sweetheart, and Thomas is never ever going back to Bravo.

( Thomas will, in truth, stand trial for sexual attack based upon the cooling claims made by his kids’s previous baby-sitter)

 Patricia Altschul

Patricia got a great deal of cheering after her dubious tweet.

Others, nevertheless, felt that she was taking things too hard.

” Quit being a bully,” required one Twitter citizen. “Move on.”

” You’’ re too old to continue these shenanigans,” the tweeter informed Patricia.

( Poking at Patricia Altschul’s age isn’t simply disrespectful– it likewise makes your words about bullying noise a little hollow)

Patricia dismissed that specific tweet as sour grapes– perhaps from Ashley herself under a phony social networks account.

 Ashley Jacobs on Insta

Despite the ramification that Ashley never ever had the choice of going back to Southern Charm, her Instagram post discussed her thinking.

” I’’ ve been blessed with a remarkable profession, household, &&pals,” she composed.

” And,” Ashley continued. “I put on’’ t wish to put those things in jeopardy for a truth television program.”

” Honestly,” she shared. “I thought about shooting once again due to the fact that I frantically wish to inform my side of the story.”

” But after experiencing how unjust the modifying procedure can be,” she discussed. “I wear’’ t believe I ’ ll ever have a reasonable shot.”


” I value you all following me throughout this journey,” Ashley concluded.

 Ashley Jacobs Snapshot

We’re grateful that Ashley appears to have actually discovered some peace.

Given the damage to her image in addition to the noticeably destructive results that fame exacted upon her health, perhaps it’s finest that Ashley not return.

( Not everybody need to be a truth star, which is completely all right– Ashley is a signed up nurse)

There are clashing reports over who made this call.

Ashley and some sources state that she was provided the opportunity to go back to the program and attempt to work her method into the inner circle.

Other sources– and Patricia Altschul– state that she was never ever thought about, since she was never ever truly a star.

 Southern Charm Glamping Photo

As you can see, the other women of Southern Charm are getting on simply great without Ashley.

But we do not believe that it’s reasonable to call Patricia’s words “bullying.”

It’s a dubious tweet from a truth star to her previous co-star.

If it were homophobic or racist or misogynistic or something along those lines, perhaps.

Instead, it was one lady who appeared on a truth program buffooning another. That chooses the area.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that Patricia was overtly friendly to Ashley when she initially signed up with the program.

It was Ashley’s habits throughout her short stint on Southern Charm that made Patricia feel repulsed.

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