Just exactly what is happening with those X-Men: Dark Phoenix reshoots? In March this year, X-Men fans were shocked when Fox opted to push back the release dates for both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants – in spite of that promo and marketing for the 2 movies was currently underway. Both movies had to go through reshoots and extra photography, which isn’t really uncommon in the post-production stage, however it is uncommon for reshoots to be so substantial or complex that the movie needs to be postponed.

Since then, the web has actually been ringing with reports and speculation about the scale of these reshoots. This speculation hasn’t precisely been charitable, because Fox’s X-Men films have actually typically been hit-and-miss, typically fighting with behind-the-scenes drama. Offered Disney’s proposed merger with 21st Century Fox , audiences can be forgiven for presuming that these last 2 distressed productions will be completion of the X-Men franchise, which will then be folded into the MCU .

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But is production of X-Men: Dark Phoenix actually rather so distressed as is typically presumed? With the current statement that reshoots have actually started , now is the best time to separate and attempt truth from exaggeration. Here’s exactly what we understand.

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Dark Phoenix Was Pushed Back for Reshoots

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was initially arranged to launch on November 2 this year, however in March Fox made the unforeseen choice to press back the release date to February 14, 2019. This acted as something of a PR catastrophe for the studio at the time – not least due to the fact that there was likewise news of a much more remarkable hold-up to Josh Boone’s New Mutants.

It’s normally thought there are 2 factors for the postponed release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The very first is just a matter of timing. There had actually long been reports that director Simon Kinberg wasn’t comfy with the November release date, which would see the superhero movie contend versus Disney’s four-quadrant motion picture Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Fox has actually carefully moved the tentpole X-Men movie to the Presidents Day weekend, which showed effective for Deadpool and Black Panther.

The 2nd factor, nevertheless, left audiences even more worried. There were reports that both New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix had to go undergo significant extra photography. ” It’’ s typical for all these huge films now, “Kinberg firmly insisted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly . “We’’ ll return when we can get all those stars together, and after that it will offer me adequate time to have it prepared and looking ideal.” While casual spectators were unsure, he does have a point; reshoots are undoubtedly a basic part of the modern-day film-making procedure, particularly for tentpole smash hits. Exactly what’s more, even substantial reshoots aren’t always a kiss of death – something that’s shown by films as varied as Back to the Future, Fatal Attraction, and Rogue One.

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Dark Phoenix’s Reshoots are Two Weeks, Not Three Months

While the reshoots for New Mutants appear to be substantial (even including a brand-new character into the mix ), there were preliminary reports that X-Men: Dark Phoenix required a lot less work. “I believe it’s simply a couple of bits and bobs, reshoot-wise,” Sophie Turner informed Digital Spy . Nevertheless reports started to swirl that they were far more substantial – even running over a three-month duration. To provide a sense of scale to this, the movie’s primary photography in 2017 just lasted 3 and a half months, so these reports recommended Fox was basically beginning once again from scratch.

Fortunately, the reports were incorrect. Sources at Fox validated that the reshoots would take just two-and-a-half weeks , which is basic for smash hits of this type, and in line with the lnegth of reshoots for Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther .

There are reports that extra photography will be concentrated on the movie’s 3rd act, with some extra action series, a number of brand-new scenes, and some extra shots for existing scenes. Far from suggesting a movie in crisis, these reports recommend that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going through the basic procedure. Why the long hold-up in between primary photography and the reshoots? And, if the reshoots will just take two-and-a-half weeks, why has the movie been pressed back 3 months?

Page 2: Dark Phoenix Was Delayed By Scheduling Conflicts

Dark Phoenix’s Reshoots Are Being Complicated by Scheduling

The difficulty dealing with Simon Kinberg is just that he has an all-star cast, all whom are quite in need. James McAvoy and his fellow Dark Phoenix star Jessica Chastain both began shooting IT Chapter 2 in June, and McAvoy likewise has dedications to the BBC TELEVISION productions Watership Down and His Dark Materials. Sophie Turner’s schedule is likewise hectic, as she’s been shooting the last season of Game of Thrones, and Tye Sheridan has actually been recording The Night Clerk, which started production in May. Kinberg was not able to obtain the cast back together prior to August or September – far too near the movie’s initial release date for convenience.

That’s the genuine factor X-Men: Dark Phoenix got pressed back to February 2019 – not the scale of the reshoots, however discovering the correct time for them. Exactly what’s more, there was no other way Fox might move the movie back to December, where it would be taking on Aquaman , Bumblebee , Holmes and Watson , and Alita: Battle Angel . January is practically a dead zone on the film front, so the Presidents Day weekend in February was the very first practical brand-new release date Fox might provide the movie.

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The X-Men Cast &&Crew are Being Open About Reshoots

Perhaps in an effort to stop fans’ fret about the reshoots, the cast and team appear to be remarkably open about them on social networks. Jessica Chastain published a video of herself with her Dark Phoenix wig, accompanied by the remark “Back on set.” Kinberg followed that up with a stream of pictures on Instagram – most significantly one revealing a chair with Sophie Turner’s name on it. If the objective is to counter the unfavorable buzz surrounding the movie by going directly to audiences by means of social networks, it’s a comparable method to the one embraced by Ron Howard as he tried to win Star Wars fans over to Solo: A Star Wars Story . It’s possible we’ll get a constant stream of comparable teases during the next fortnight.

The strangest aspect of this, however, is that the cast and team’s openness isn’t really being matched by a marketing project. Marketing for X-Men: Dark Phoenix shrieked to a stop when the motion picture was postponed, and it’s yet to launch once again. Trailers for tentpole films have the tendency to launch about 7 or 8 months prior to the movie strikes package workplace, so we’re honestly past due to see some real video. Ideally these posts on social networks will act as the start of a significant push, and we get more news over the next couple of weeks.

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