Paul McCartney is the current musical icon to talk freely about Michael Jackson.

Specifically, naturally, Paul McCartney is the current musical icon to talk honestly about the strong likelyhood that Michael Jackson was nearly a serial kid molestor.

 pmac and mj

Such allegations versus Jackson are not brand-new.

But they’ve been given the leading edge of late and highlighted in the most abhorrent and individual of methods by the documentary Leaving Neverland .

It aired on HBO last month and fixated James Safechuck and Wade Robson, 2 males who declare the super star abused them while they were young kids throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The movie consists of interviews with its topics, together with painful information of their declared experience and relationship with Jackson.

It appears to have actually persuaded lots of previous skeptics that Jackson genuinely was guilty of these horrible criminal activities and misbehaviours.

 King of Pop

McCartney, the famous previous member of The Beatles, hasn’t safeguarded Jackson in his very first remarks given that the film aired.

But he has actually revealed genuine shock over what the documentary concludes and portrays.

” I believe it’’ s unfortunate, ” McCartney informed Radio Futuro in Chile, where he has actually been carrying out.

” Obviously Michael was a fantastic vocalist, an excellent dancer and an excellent artist. For several years we’’ ve liked that. No one understood about the opposite that’’ s displayed in that motion picture,” the artist included.

That’s not truly real, obviously.

Jackson was brought to justice (and acquitted) in 2005 on comparable charges of molestation, whilc (trustworthy) speak about these type of actions following the vocalist around up until his death in June of 2009.

 Paul McCartney Plays

” When I understood him he was a truly good man. I didn’’ t understand about the dark side,” McCartney continues in this interview, including:

” It makes it really hard to reflect on the memories which were great memories, to believe, oh boy, there was other things going on.”

Jackson covered McCartney’’ s tune” Girlfriend “on his” Off the Wall” album in 1979. The set likewise taped “The Girl Is Mine” together, together with “Say Say Say.”

They were quite close lots of years earlier, which is why it’s so difficult for McCartney to accept the possible reality about Jackson.

““ For me, I ’ m fine to simply stick with the individual memories I had of him. The opposite is the opposite. I put on’’ t understand about that, “McCartney stated, concluding:


” I can comprehend why individuals are really dissatisfied in him and upset that he had the dark side.”

 Best Dancer Ever?

The other music Hall of Famers who have actually spoken up about Jackson have actually stuck their foot far deeper into their mouths than McCartney does here.

In a nauseating and really spectacular declaration, Barbara Streisand just recently stated of The King of Pop :

” His sexual requirements were his sexual requirements, originating from whatever youth he has or whatever DNA he has. You can state ‘‘ molested’, however those kids, as you heard state [the developed Robson and Safechuck], they were enjoyed exist.”


She even included: ” They both married and they both have kids, so it didn’t eliminate them.”

Ummm … so we think the well-orchestrated molestation was fine then, Babs?

 Barbra Streisand Pic

The singer/actress ultimately excused these extremely tone deaf remarks, stating on Instagram:

I am exceptionally sorry for any discomfort or misconception I triggered by passing by my words more thoroughly about Michael Jackson and his victims, since the words as printed do not show my real sensations. I didn’t imply to dismiss the injury these young boys experienced in any method.

Like all survivors of sexual attack, they will need to bring this for the rest of their lives.

I feel deep regret and I hope that James and Wade understand that I really regard and appreciate them for speaking their reality.

Diana Ross, nevertheless, is obviously waiting her words.

 Michael Jackson Announces Plans For Summer Residence at O2 Arena in London

The Supremes vocalist described Jackson a “spectacular amazing force” and asked his accusers to “ drop in the name of love ” in an impassioned, revolting Tweet recently.

” This is what’’ s on my heart today. I rely on and think that Michael Jackson was and is A spectacular amazing force to me and to lots of other.”

Ross concluded the messages by pricing quote among The Supremes most popular hits, composing: “STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE.”

She was notoriously rather tight with Jackson, which is why we ‘d like to change this conclusion and address Ross as follows:


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