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Last night, Twitter was sent into a Royal Family frenzy after an unknown person going by Gibbo in a group chat told his mates that the Queen of England had died. Though the Queen’s continued survival was reported first thing in the morning by a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, this came far too late to stop Queen, #thequeenisdead, Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles, and other Royal Family keywords from trending all night long.

Apparently the queen is dead. pic.twitter.com/quYoizOwlh

— Swanny (@Swanny532) December 1, 2019

I see we have reached that time of year where I have to dispel rumours of HM's passing.

The Queen is not dead. She is alive & well and is very much looking forward to hosting President Trump and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday for the NATO reception.

— Charlie Proctor (@MonarchyUK) December 1, 2019

“I see we have reached that time of year where I have to dispel rumours of HM’s passing,” said Royal Central EIC Charlie Proctor in a tweet. “The Queen is not dead. She is alive & well and is very much looking forward to hosting President Trump and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday for the NATO reception.”

Saying that the Queen had “passed away this morning, heart attack” and that it would be announced at 9:30am the next day, the mysterious Gibbo claims his information came right from a Queens Guards WhatsApp chat.

I don't know who to believe about Queen Elizabeth's death.

Charlie Proctor – who has deep ties with Buckingham Palace – or Gibbo – the guy who announced it in a WhatsApp group and has a cock as his profile picture.

Tough one. #Gibbo

— J.S. Leatherbarrow (@jsleatherbarrow) December 1, 2019


Gibbo’s friends were, of course, skeptical of this, as someone prematurely reports the Queen’s death on Twitter roughly every half hour.

Oh god, not again #queendead

— Nichi Hodgson (@NichiHodgson) December 2, 2019


Another group member going by “Ricey” also claims to have a contact in the Guards, and promised to report back to confirm whether the Queen was actually dead or Gibbo was just full of it. Unfortunately, the internet will never know the outcome of that (unless Gibbo, Ricey and the lads take pity on us and release the rest of the chat) as the person responsible for introducing the screenshot to Twitter in the first place, user @Swanny532, is not only not a part of the group chat but told the Daily Dot that he doesn’t even remember where he found it in the first place, going on record saying, “Sorry about that.”

Fuck #Gibbo , it's all about #Ricey . Did your mate message back or not?!

— Darren&KazzyH (@darren_kazzy_28) December 2, 2019


Gibbo and the lad’s identity is a source of fascination for much of Twitter, with his name trending last night alongside all the Queen tags.

despite this year being wank, a bloke called gibbo managed to convince the world the queen had died. it will go down in history on this app

— taity x (@2Taity) December 2, 2019


gonna tell my kids this was….. Rebekah Vardy's account#Gibbo #TheQueen pic.twitter.com/rVa4qJdUzo

— Jeanna Louise Skinner (@JeannaLStars) December 2, 2019

Sergeant Major: “That you #Gibbo ?!”

Gibbo: pic.twitter.com/ePtkbfF8CF

— Julian Perreira (@PerreiraJulian) December 2, 2019

#Gibbo this morning when the queen is in fact not dead, and the government is onto him pic.twitter.com/EEI0mbvVJX

— Matthew Bartram (@matthew_bartram) December 2, 2019

With speculation on how he’s going to live it down now that everyone knows the Queen is very much alive.

When #Gibbo finds out the queen isnt actually dead #queendead pic.twitter.com/gI8gT2wZdY

— J (@jonbarradell) December 2, 2019

the whole uk when we wake up tomorrow and realise gibbo wasn’t lying and the queen is actually dead. #thequeen #gibbo pic.twitter.com/bP1OuT6hnF

— Amelia (@cactusmils) December 2, 2019


— Honey (@HoneyBMcKenna) December 2, 2019

So, the burning smell yesterday was Gibbo's pants. #queendead

— Steve Edwards (@FlyingCelery) December 2, 2019


Conspiracy theories were born, including that Gibbo is actually the Queen trying to fake her own death so she doesn’t have to host Trump this week.

In her defence, I'd fake my death too if I knew Donald Trump wanted to visit me. #Gibbo

— Simon B (@Simon_B1981) December 2, 2019

Has anyone considered that #Gibbo could have been Her Madge so she didn’t have to speak to Trump this week?

— sarahstoddartburrows (@sarahstoddartb1) December 2, 2019


And that the whole thing was a Tory ploy to distract people in the upcoming election.

Glad to hear that #queendead is more twitter bullshit. If it was true my first thought was the Tories were implicated to try and deviate from their clueless leader and shitty manifesto! 😂 #ToriesOut

— SLWestend (@SLWestend) December 2, 2019

The Tories will blame the Queens death on the last Labour Government #queendead

— Poddy🚩🍀 (@poddyw67) December 1, 2019

If the queen isn’t dead, what if the current government leaked that picture to distract the younger generations from the election as the older generations don’t use twitter as much as the younger ? #queendead #Queen

— Georgina🌻 (@_georginahoward) December 2, 2019


And that if the Queen had actually died, the palace would never admit it.

It probably has just happened, and now palace officials have the job of keeping the real Queen on ice for 6 months while a body double stands in, just to pretend it didn’t.

— Fergie (@Fergie_Kate) December 1, 2019

You know that if the #Queen did die yesterday that the palace will keep the body in cold storage for a month just to steal #Gibbo ‘s thunder

— * (@RubberPuck1969) December 2, 2019


Despite the morning announcement that the Queen was very much alive, the hashtag #queendead is still trending and shows no signs of dying down any time soon.

The Queen is definitely not dead, I just saw her pick up her copy of the new Sisters of Battle boxed set at my local Warhammer store. #queendead #sistersofbattle #gamesworkshop pic.twitter.com/dHU450RJRB

— Painty Ways (@AndrewJayHarvey) December 2, 2019


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