No matter how many times these two may want to avoid their rare encounters, they can’t seem to stop them from happening—or fans from taking things the wrong way. Now Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber’s restaurant comments just keep pouring in, and one of these ladies is no longer standing for all of the hate she’s seen launched across social media. According to Selena, the comments are “disgusting.”

While rumors of feuds between the 27-year-old pop star and her ex-boyfriend’s wife, 23-year-old Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) have raged on for months, both women have made efforts to cool the flames in recent weeks. Yes, Selena’s new album Rare may be all about Justin Bieber, a.k.a. Hailey’s hubby—but that doesn’t mean she has any hard feelings toward Hailey in the first place (although we can’t say the same about Justin—just ask Sel’s bestie, Taylor Swift.) Instead, Selena has already spoken out in an effort for the Hailey Baldwin hate to stop, and so has Hailey. But it looks like there’s no end in sight for the hateful masses.

After Selena and Hailey were spotted dining separately the same restaurant in Hollywood, many took their lack of interaction as a shady slight. But the stars were just already out with other parties: Selena was busy celebrating her Rare album release, whereas Hailey was spending time alongside old pal Madison Beer.

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“i just had dinner with my friend hailey of 10 years… and that’s it,” 20-year-old Madison wrote in response to a hater’s Instagram comment. “How is that a crime? i love selena.. always have … and i would literally never in a million years try to upset her??? this is just mean and unnecessary and nothin happened.”

Selena couldn’t watch this unfold without clarifying the situation, yet again.

“This is disgusting reading all of this,” the songstress wrote. “This wasn’t intentional whatsoever. I’m so diasppointed that peoploe would speak to someone like this. I have known Madison since she was a baby and watched her continue to become the woman she is.””There is no issue,” she added. And that’s on that!

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