How Premier League stars are staying fit during quarantine

In the Times on Thursday, there’s an analysis into how each club in the Premier League is trying to make sure their stars stay fit during quarantine.

It remains unclear whether the 2019-20 Premier League will resume, or whether it will be ruled null and void.

Yet, until such a decision has been reached, clubs have to operate as if football could restart soon.


Newcastle United have fat fines

Newcastle United have taken a rather negative approach to ensuring their players stay fit during Covid-19 isolation.

The Times reveal that Newcastle have threatened players with “fat fines” if they fail to look after themselves. The paper reports:

Players will face fines if overweight on their return. They have been given individual programmes. They have electronic monitors that track every aspect of their exercise.

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Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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Leicester use GPS trackers

Leicester City are one of several Premier League clubs tracking their players with GPS apps. The Times reveal:

Training is monitored by staff remotely with FaceTime or other apps. Players are tracked by GPS and their data assessed.

Other clubs using GPS data to follow the activities of their players include Bournemouth, Sheffield United and Southampton.

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A few important messages from some of the Leicester City squad ↔️

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Food deliveries

Can footballers do their own shopping and feed themselves during quarantine?

According to some of the updates in the Times, certain clubs have taken those responsibilities away from their players during the coronavirus crisis.

Chelsea, for example, have delivered “food packages, including crates of fruit and vegetables” to their players.

Man City have also followed suit. The Times note that “City have been sending meals to some players six days a week.”


Wolves rely on trust

Are Wolves the most trustworthy club in the Premier League?

In contrast to most of their rivals, Wolves appear to be relying on their players to apply common sense during their quarantine. The Times reveal:

The players are trusted to complete their routines while wearing heart-rate monitors. No physios are seeing them and they are not being weighed or tested for fat content.


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