The Key to Naturally Glowing Skin – Hyaluronic Acid


Ever wonder what’s giving your favorite celeb their famous glow? You know the one we’re talking about- when you look at them, you can’t help but be a little jealous of their plump, youthful complexion that seems to radiate without even trying. It’s the type of glow that might encourage you to try a “No Makeup” Makeup look or even ditch foundation for the day (if that’s your thing). The glowy, fountain of youth praised by celebrities and dermatologists alike? It’s Hyaluronic acid and you already have it inside of you.

Yes, you heard that correctly. This coveted, fresh-faced phenomenon isn’t the result of a mysterious procedure or exotic potion- it comes from a substance that your body already makes. But, there’s just one problem: every year that goes by your supply decreases. Between the body’s natural aging process and the onslaught of environmental stressors that we experience everyday, it’s hard to blame our body for losing its reserves of this liquid gold.

Tell me more

If you’ve never heard of Hyaluronic acid, here’s a quick background: it’s a naturally occurring lubricant that keeps your joints happy and when applied topically, helps improve the overall state of skin. How? By holding up to 1000x its weight in water. Crazy, right? But what does that mean for your face? Say goodbye to dryness, dehydration (learn the difference), wrinkles and texture. Put simply, Hyaluronic acid locks in essential moisture making your skin look and feel bouncy and ageless.

Is Hyaluronic acid right for me?

Do you have skin? Is having dewy (not shiny) skin at the top of your wishlist? Do you dream of a pillowy-soft complexion that has miraculously avoided major signs of aging? Then Hyaluronic acid is about to be your BFF. But seriously, even if you have zero issues with your skin and have never uttered a single complaint against your own face, using Hyaluronic acid regularly is STILL beneficial because it will help ensure your skin stays in this magical state of perfection that we’re very, very jealous of but fairly certain does not exist.

Which products should I use?

The most effective way to use Hyaluronic acid is through a serum, mostly because this allows the molecules to penetrate deep in the skin. Lucky for you, Glo offers two serums that are chock-full of Hyaluronic acid: Daily Hydration and Daily Hydration+. If you’re wondering which version is right for you, take a minute to assess your skin’s current state. Unless you have extremely dry/dehydrated skin or have need immediate plumping to help fill fine lines, Daily Hydration will be perfect for your needs. This also includes those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It has a low ingredient count and doesn’t mess around with any additives. If you’re in the dry/ dehydrated/ aging category, we recommend our powerhouse serum, Daily Hydration+. In addition to Hyaluronic acid, it includes plant stem cells and peptides to offer immediate and longterm benefits.

But I really don’t need another serum

That’s fair. We have TONS of other options, from cleansers to moisturizers to sunscreens to help you incorporate Hyaluronic acid into any step of your routine. Some of our favorites are Balancing Mist, Balancing Moisture Remedy, Conditioning Milk Cleanser, Gentle Makeup Remover, Healing Gel, Oil Free SPF 40+, Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser, Phyto-Active Eye Cream and Phyto-Active Light Moisture.

Okay, I think I’m on board

Good! That was our goal. We’ll leave you with one final remark, just in case you aren’t convinced: if you want a flawless, hydrated, healthy, nourished (insert any other desirable skin adjectives here) complexion, we suggest you get acquainted with Hyaluronic Acid.

And if you want even MORE benefits, learn about our favorite power pair, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Daily Hydration Hyaluronic Acid for Naturally Glowing Skin

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