‘The Stranger’: meet the cast of Netflix’s new binge-worthy mystery-thriller


Netflix ’’ s biggest ability –– apart from making strange Christmas motion pictures about the Royal Family –– remains in crafting addicting TELEVISION series that it’’ s difficult to stop viewing. Binge-able box sets break out of the screen at you the minute after visiting to your profile, with brand-new programs published on a weekly basis.

The Stranger, adjusted from very popular author Harlan Coben’’ s secret’book, is Netflix ’ s newest popcorn potboiler. And kid, is it simple to get connected on.

Transported from the book’’ s American setting to a town in the UK, the program ends and begins with a basic idea: who is the titular complete stranger? When the baseball cap-clad girl makes a stunning claim about his other half, married man Adam Price ends up being knotted in a secret as he frantically looks for responses.

Similarly, every character in this British-made drama has a trick, one that threatens to ruin everyone’’ s life. We, obviously, desire absolutely nothing more than to discover what that trick is. Let’’ s fulfill them, shall we?

.The Stranger.  The Stranger Hannah John-Kamen in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Hannah John-Kamen


At the extremely start of episode one, ‘ the Stranger ’ follows Adam to his boy ’ s football ‘match and drops the news-bomb that his better half as soon as fabricated a pregnancy. Throughout the series, she turns up, triggering problem for practically everybody. Who is this meddling no one? That ’ s the huge concern, however you ’ ll need to enjoy the program to discover


What they state: “ She is extremely strange– that ’ s what ’ s grasping about it. You ’ re really curious as an audience member [believing] ‘ who is she? Why is she doing this? ’ and that will be exposed in an actually, actually fantastic method. Not simply ‘ bang! Here it is ’. I ’ m delighted for everybody when they binge-watch it to see all of that.”– Hannah John-Kamen

.’Adam Price.  The Stranger Richard Armitage in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Richard Armitage


Understandably ‘gobsmacked following the news his better half had actually sewn him up with a phony child,Adam is not a pleased bunny at the start of The Stranger. Desperate for the fact, he rifles through old boxes of memories– ultrasound scans, old pictures, memento notes– prior to lastly facing his partner.


What they state: “ I like the truth that Adam isn’t a radical – of some kind– he is simply a regular person handling something “stunning and unreasonable that has actually occurred to him. I believe, as an audience, star and a reader, you put yourself because circumstance and believe, ‘ How would I react if that took place to me? ’ What if your partner went missing out on and ‘how would you keep your household together?’ That was what interested me about it. ”– Richard Armitage

. Corinne Price.  The Stranger Dervla Kirwan in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Dervla Kirwan


Seemingly a psychopath( who fabricates a pregnancy?! ), Corinne isn ’ t the most relatable character atthe start of the series. That quickly modifications as we discover more about her. If you were faced with the possibility of your household splitting apart at the joints, you ’d do anything to keep it together too, wouldn ’ t you?


What they state: “ [Corinne] is the keeper of an incredible trick. And as a great deal of individuals will affirm in their lives, often they do the “ ideal thing however sadly [what she does] has big implications. From her viewpoint, she has actually done the ideal thing … however there’s this enigmatic character, ‘ the Stranger ’, who has actually chosen to penetrate our lives, all our lives and choose that they have the ethical high ground and launches particular info to their nearby and dearest. She enjoys as their lives decipher. I believe we all are capable of informing white lies to lube our lives, are we not? ”– Dervla Kirwan

. Johanna Griffin. – Siobhan Finneran in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Siobhan Finneran


One of the locations most devoted authorities investigators, Johanna begins The Stranger as an unhappily-married radical who doesn ’ t play by the guidelines. As one especially unusual case takes control of her life, it ends up being clear that the Stranger ’ s actions might impact everybody, even her.


What they state: “ There were rather a great deal of amusing minutes on-set [with Jennifer Saunders], however we ’d both be apprehended if we informed you what in fact occurred.I wish to inform you, however it “’ s such an embarassment. There was one really, really entertaining time, however we can ’ t speak to you about it, sorry.’”– Johanna Griffin

. Edgar Price. The Stranger Anthony Head in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Anthony Head


The separated daddy of Adam, Anthony Head is a residential or commercial property designer without any morals. Consumed with cash– and ladies– this sleazy, aging lothario will stop at ‘absolutely nothing to get what he desires, even if it suggests turfing a whole estate out of their houses and onto the streets.


What they state: “ I play bad people frequently, I do not understand why, however I’ve constantly felt that no one gets up out of bed thinking, ‘ I’m going to do something bad today. ’ Ed Price is a narcissist generally, and he truly opened my eyes to the world of “narcissists, they simply do shit– and they take pleasure in fucking someone over. I can’t safeguard him. ”– Anthony Head

. Martin Killane.  Stephen Rea – Stephen Rea in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Stephen Rea


Martin is among the regrettable ‘ someones ’ that Ed Price is attempting to” fuck over”. An occupant on the very estate Ed wishes to tear down and establish, this bad-tempered old git is not for turning. He declines ‘to offer up, however not for the factor you ’d anticipate …

What they state: “ I’m declining ‘to leave my’ home since of something that’s associated to my trick and as quickly as I leave your house, shit will strike the fan. At the start of the series, it ’ s simply: ‘ He’s constantly lived there, why should he leave? ’ But later on…, everything modifications. ”– Stephen Rea

. Heidi.  Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Jennifer Saunders


Serving, for the many part, as Johanna ’ s buddy, Heidi owns a little, cutesy-looking café in the area. As the series advances, even she is drawn into the strange happenings that canine much of the cast.


What they state: “ This is [my very first drama function]. I have actually thought of [doing drama prior to], however no one else has you see, that ’ s the issue! It turned up at the correct time and it was too excellent to be real actually. I was viewing [the very first episode] like “this * covers eyes *: ‘ Have I gone yet?! No! ’ It was a knowing curve. It ’ s various, I expect. Recording is recording, whether you ’ re doing a drama or a funny. ”– Jennifer Saunders

. Doug Tripp.  The Stranger Richard Armitage and Shaun Dooley in ‘ The Stranger’. Credit: Netflix.

Played by: Shaun Dooley


In a world where credible good friends are tough to come by, you actually require buddies like salt-of-the-earth P.E. instructor Doug. Presented as Adam and Corinne ’ s long time neighbour, the smiling daddy has a more intricate character arc than you ’d anticipate on very first conference.


What they state: “ He’s not a stylish person and he’s not great at football either. It was actually amusing [ throughout the football match scene] and I tend to believe I’m rather proficient at football however I needed to be crap for this. I’m like a kid, I ’ m like a canine with a ball. I still’believe I’m 18 in my head when I’m not. I set off like “, ‘ Come on!’ and after that I’m knackered within about 4 feet. There was a great deal of enjoyable on this task. ”– Shaun Dooley


‘ The Stranger ’ gets here on Netflix on January 31


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