Donald Trump has actually been frequently unethical in making his case for an unexpectedly, urgently required “border wall.” He’s been routinely deceitful about whatever else, too, however his efforts to represent asylum-seeking refugee households and other immigrants as an existential risk to the country and to his lily-white base have actually been especially pointed, perhaps with the help of a particular Stephen Miller —– and last night’s State of the Union address was no exception to the guideline.

One specific lie on Trump’s part, nevertheless, isn’t agreeing with the locals of the border city of El Paso, Texas. Trump declared in his speech that :

.““ The border city of El Paso, Tex., utilized to have very high rates of violent criminal offense —– among the greatest in the whole nation, and thought about among our country’’ s most harmful cities. Now, instantly upon its structure, with an effective barrier in location, El Paso is among the most safe cities in our nation.””.

This is, on Trump’s part, mumbo jumbo. El Paso has never ever had “among the greatest” violent criminal activity rates in the nation, according to the truth checkers. And while El Paso’s criminal activity rate certainly dropped (as did criminal activity across the country) throughout the exact same duration, it did not drop due to the fact that of the building and construction of a “effective” brand-new border wall. The drop in criminal offense rate occurred prior to that wall was ever developed. (If anything, it ticked a little upward in the years surrounding the brand-new fence’s building.)

So Trump and his administration are simply outright pushing this one. It’s gaslighting, through and through. Amongst those especially peeved about that is El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles, who provided a declaration to NBC News after Trump’s claims .

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