Boris Johnson is among the most islamophobic and honestly racist political leaders in current British history. His own abhorrent declarations aside, Johnson leads a celebration where several members have actually been left out for Islamophobia, with a number consequently readmitted . He has likewise U-turned on the pledge to carry out a query into the problem, rather now running a more comprehensive query into ““ discrimination ” which displaces the particular issues Muslims have with the celebration –– not to point out the uncertainty lots of have with the chairman of the questions. Well-known Islamophobes such as Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Nick Griffin all applauded his win. If this election was the ““ 2nd Brexit referendum””, this need to come as not a surprise. The very first was won by stiring the very same bigotry and Islamophobia.

Islamophobia has actually now ended up being part and parcel of traditional political trustworthiness. Johnson can state ““ Islam is the issue ” and make contrasts in between niqab-wearing females and letterboxes, and face little political consequences. Muslims experience rises in physical and spoken abuse in public areas. Stories of violent attacks on hijab-wearing Muslim ladies are plentiful– assaulters have utilized Johnson ’ s rhetoric ; I have actually personally observed increased aggressiveness and physical intimidation in public, for example, being followed on’to empty tube platforms by males making threatening remarks. Public vitriol for Muslims has actually been reinforced and normalised.

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