Volvo Introduces New Over-The-Air Update For XC40 And XC60 In The U.S.


Volvo has just introduced over-the-air updates to select 2021 and 2022 models in the United States.

Starting this week, over-the-air updates have been brought online for the 2021-2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge as well as 2022 XC60, XC60 Recharge, and XC60 Polestar Engineered models equipped with Google built-in.

The Swedish car manufacturer has confirmed that the new software update brings with it SiriusXM satellite radio to each of the aforementioned vehicles. This comes in addition to the Range Assistant app that was introduced via an over-the-air update last week.

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The Range Assistant has been designed to allow owners to keep track of the available range of their vehicle and also provides easy-to-follow advice on how drivers can improve efficiency. The app is incorporated into the Android-powered infotainment system and can even adjust the climate control automatically to optimize driving range. This update also results in a slightly improved range due to smarter battery management and regeneration performance while also introducing a more optimized timer to pre-condition the batteries before a trip.

The over-the-air update also includes improvements to the vehicles’ safety systems and adds information about how cold weather impacts battery range.

“Through in-house development of software and over-the-air updates, we can constantly improve our cars and make sure that your electric Volvo stays fresh,” head of connected experience at Volvo Cars, Sanela Ibrovic, said. “The Range Assistant app is a great example of how quick development and deployment of new features can improve the Volvo customer experience every day.”

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