Tell me if this clip of Joe Biden shoving his foot so far into his mouth it pokes out the back of his head, isn’t, in fact, a least a lot racist.

"Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." — Joe Biden

Heck if that doesn't sound racist. Do you agree?

— Wayne Dupree 🎙🎥 (@WayneDupreeShow) August 9, 2019

Some context: Biden is blabbing in front of the Asian & Latino Coalition PAC. So tell me when he said, “poor kids” he wasn’t thinking of other races besides white. Which he tried to correct, sloppily I’d add, after his tongue tripped over the laces of the shoe he just shoved in his face.

My first impression is that it does sound a little racist. Pair this snippet with Joe Biden’s past, and we have a pattern.

I can’t wait for the mainstream media to run defense of the child groper. “It was just a gaffe!” they’ll say. “He didn’t mean to imply poor people are everyone other than white!” they’ll tell us. “You conservatives are POUNCING all over Biden for no good reason!” they’ll proclaim.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump raising the flags on August 8th was a secret nod to Hitler. As carefully explained by the former Assistant FBI Director on MSBNC, and not questioned for his insanity by Brian Williams.

Sure, conservatives are pouncing. We’re all paranoid tin-foil hatters who heard a racist thing coming from the Democratic front-runner. But please, let’s continue with the Trump is a Russian Spy Super Racist because of the day he rose a flag.


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