Wendy Williams has a long history of stating the worst possible thing in every possible situation.

But astonishingly, she may discover that a big section of the celeb-obsessed population remains in overall arrangement with her most current hot take.

 Wendy Williams on Hot Topics

As you’ve most likely heard by now, Justin Bieber wed Hailey Baldwin in a little personal event in New York City recently.

Justin is 24 and Hailey is 21, which for the majority of the 20th century had to do with the age at which individuals got wed.

But nowadays, that’s thought about to be rather young for such a substantial choice, especially as the divorce rate in this nation sneaks ever closer to 150 percent.

Throw in popularity, a very brief engagement and an enormous wealth inconsistency, and the probability of Justin and Hailey waltzing to “One Less Lonely Girl” at their 75th anniversary starts to look rather small.

 Justin Bieber, Fiancee

Ever the Debbie Downer, Wendy fasted to put cold water on this delighted young couple’s hopes and dreams by mentioning that the chances are quite versus Justin and Hailey.

““ They ’ ve been on and off supposedly for several years, however I put on’’ t care what your background is, nowadays, 21 is too young to be marrying,” ” Williams stated on a current episode of her program.

““ I understand she’’ s a design, however she ’ s not one of the big deals. The most significant thing that ’ s occurred to her is that she ’ s with Bieber,” Wendy included.


” The greatest thing that ’ s took place to this household in a long period of time is that they’’ re connected to Bieber,’who ’ s connected to 250 million dollars.

 Wendy Williams on Insta

” I simply seem like 21 is too young to be marrying, and he’’ s just 24, which’s still too young in this specific day and time,” the daytime host continued.

Williams went on to knock Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, for his supposed passion to hop aboard the Bieber life of ease.

““ Shame on you Stephen Baldwin for co-signing on your 21-year-old child marrying,” ” she stated.


“ I believe the Baldwins take a look at Bieber as a golden goose … I believe Stephen Baldwin prefers to be more pertinent once again to youths in popular culture and Bieber is a fast method to do that,” ” Williams included.

 Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

As though her pessimism wasn’t perfectly evident currently, Williams went on to include:

““ I wear ’ t think that this is a marital relationship that will last.”

We’re torn on this one, as Stephen Baldwin is a recognized sketch-ball, and he most likely is thinking of how his child’s relationship will impact his profession.

But on the other hand, Wendy Williams is the outright worst , and it draws that she’s going to such fantastic lengths to moisten this young couple’s parade.

So now all of us have another need to root for Justin and Hailey– if they last, it’ll royally piss off daytime’s queen of mean.

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