Keeping up with hair color trends is almost as hard as keeping up with the Kardashians. One day neons greens and pastel pinks are all the rage and the next a new blonde or brunette highlighting technique pops up. Red, however, is one color that isn’t new to being trendy — especially on the heads of women of color.

Back in the day, different shades of burgundy and red were very common to see on women of color, whether their hair was permed or natural. Many of them achieved the color with at-home box dyes or temporary color rinses. According to Mezei Jefferson, director of multicultural education at L’Oreal, Dark & Lovely’s third bestselling shade of all time is — you guessed it — Vivacious Red.

The crimson trend is still alive and well in the natural hair community, though it goes beyond just being a flattering tone on deeper complexions. “When most women with natural hair come into the salon for color, their biggest concern is not damaging their curls,” says Jaxcee, color director at Hair Rules. “Dyeing your hair red is easy because it’s one of the only dramatic shades that picks up on dark hair without bleach, per se. Because of this, those burgundy and red tones are easier to achieve, especially if you’re coloring your hair at home because lightener is hardly ever involved.”

If you’ve been holding off on having fun with your natural hair color out of fear of permanently ruining your curls, consider going red. It’s an easy way to transform your curls without compromising the health of your hair. From red velvet tint, mulled wine, to copper, there’s a million different ways to embrace the shade. Find some of our favorite ways to rock it, ahead.

Monica, licensed cosmetologist and creator of MoKnowsHai r, has rocked various shades of red — from burgundy to brick. “My signature red color is Ion Demi-Permanent 6RV processed with Ion 10 volume developer,” she tells us. In other words, she achieves her trademark color at home without bleaching her IG-famous curls. Her current shade is a gradient crimson that peaks through her natural black color.

These vibrant curls are equal parts red, purple, and fabulous. We especially love the maroon-colored lipstick to match.

Go against the traditional grain and focus your red velvet color to the ends of your hair, versus all over your entire head. It’ll make your curly puff way more interesting and creates a gradient effect when your hair is down.

These curls fall on the burgundy side of the spectrum and remind us of the colors Kelly Rowland rocked during her Destiny’s Child days — which was basically perfection.

If brick red is your go-to lipstick shade for fall, consider trying a similar red-orange shade on your curls. The spiced shade looks especially edgy on a tapered haircut.

You can use Kiss Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Crimson to achieve a similar cherry tint — or just screenshot this image and take it to your colorist.

True red, as seen here, is classic and timeless on dark hair. Letting your jet-black pieces mix with the vibrant shade also adds dimension to your look.

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