A Florida guy informed authorities he searched a lady’s breast without her approval aboard a Southwest Airlines flight due to the fact that implicated sexual predator President Donald Trump has stated “it’s OKAY to get females by their personal parts,” according to a criminal problem.

Federal authorities state Bruce Alexander, 49, was on a Houston, TX flight bound for Albuquerque, NM when he apparently touched a sleeping lady in the window seat straight in front of him. The female, who has actually not been recognized, stated she felt somebody get her breast around the “bra line” without her authorization after she went to sleep at the start of the flight.

She believed the hand had actually touched her by mishap up until she was searched once again about half-an-hour later on. She informed authorities that this time the individual searching her got the back of her arm and after that made his method to get her breast once again. The lady explained that hand that touched her as having thick, filthy fingernails and hairy fingers. Authorities state the description matches Alexander’s hand.

The female informed authorities that after being searched for the 2nd time, she rose from her seat and challenged Alexander straight, asking him why he believed it was appropriate to touch her without her permission. She went on to ask a flight team member to be seated in other places. When the flight landed in Albuquerque, #peeee

Alexander was jailed by uniformed officers. According to the criminal problem , that’s when Alexander “specified the President of the United States states it’s OKAY to get females by their personal parts.” The male was referring to the remarks made by Trump at the notorious Access Hollywood tape , where he freely boasted about sexually attacking ladies.

” You understand, I’’ m immediately brought in to stunning, I simply begin kissing them. It’’ s like a magnet. Simply kiss. I put on ’ t even wait. And when you’’ re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” Trump, who’s been implicated of sexual misbehavior by a minimum of 19 females , stated on the tape. He included: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Alexander was charged with violent sexual contact and will appear prior to court Tuesday. He might be sentenced to up to 2 years in jail and needed to pay a $250,000 fine if founded guilty.

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