Ever since she was little, she’s had this weird sort of obsession with being restrained or trapped. Like, this goes all the way back to when she was 2 years old- it’s always been like this. I thought that maybe it was just a weird kid thing because kids sometimes have weird fascinations, but it’s persisted for her entire life- almost 19 years.

She’s not vocal about it at all, but being my best friend, she told me that whenever she reads stories or watches movies where people or characters are trapped, caged, tied up, or restrained/held captive in any sort of way she gets excited I guess and sometimes jealous of them- like she wants to be in that same situation. This includes victims of kidnapping, torture, sexual harassment, rape, and other things in that area. The best way she said that describes it is it’s almost like a turn-on.

I think it really bothers her because she doesn’t know or understand why she feels like this. I don’t think she has ever or will ever tell another soul about it because she’s so embarrassed and ashamed about it. She is by no means a bad person at all and even talking about the subject horrifies her because she hates that it happens and she can’t help it.

She has no other mental health issues besides from mild anxiety and depression passed from our parents, but both are treated.

She gave me permission to ask here in the hopes that someone would have some insight because she just wants to be normal. Any suggestions would be great. If you or someone you know has had experiences with something related, please share

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